Photo Screen Savers in Two Flavors: Windows and Macintosh

My hubby together with I late got dorsum from a Mediterranean cruise. We visited Rome, Monte Carlo, Florence, Naples, Santorini, Mykonos, Katakolon, Corfu, Kusadasi, together with Venice. Since each home was to a greater extent than beautiful than the next, nosotros ended upwards alongside over 800 digital photographs!

Now, I won’t tell that all of those photographs are worthy of beingness shared alongside friends together with menage unit (I tin merely imagine the yawns!), I did desire the 2 of us to live able to come across the pictures oftentimes together with retrieve this incredible trip. So I decided to brand the best of them into concealment savers for both of our computers (one PC together with i Macintosh).

I began past copying my virtually favorite pictures into a folder titled Favorite Pix for Screen Saver (you tin refer the folder anything yous like). Then I used the Photoshop Elements batch resizing characteristic to resize all of the pictures to 480×640 pixels. (Why? Since I took all of my pictures at the best resolution possible for my camera, the pictures were fashion larger — over 1MB each — than they needed to live for decent concealment saver resolution.) This shrunk virtually of the pictures downward to 100 KB or less. Now the copies wouldn’t stimulate got upwards equally good much infinite on my PC, together with would live less bulky to re-create to my husband’s Macintosh calculator equally well.

Making a Windows XP Screen Saver

To create a concealment saver slideshow inwards Windows XP, practise the following:

Right-click on the desktop together with pick out Properties.
Click on the Screen Saver tab.
Choose My Pictures Slide Show from the Screen saver dropdown list.
Click on the Setting button.
Click on the Browse push clit side past side to the Use pictures inwards this folder heading, navigate to the folder containing the pictures yous desire to function inwards the screensaver together with click on OK.
Change the other options (transitions, scrolling, etc.) inwards the My Pictures Screen Saver Options dialog box equally needed together with therefore click on OK.
Click on the Preview push clit to preview the concealment saver, or click on the OK push clit to shut the Display Properties dialog box.

That’s all at that spot is to it on the Windows side of things. Now I wanted to practise the same matter on my husband’s Macintosh computer. First, I zipped upwards my “Favorite Pix for Screen Saver” folder to arrive equally compact equally possible together with therefore I e-mailed it to my husband. He opened the e-mail, downloaded the zipped file to his Macintosh together with expanded it using Stuffit Expander. (I could stimulate got transferred the images to his calculator past copying them to a CD, but I didn’t stimulate got whatever blank ones at the moment.)
Making a Macintosh OSX Screen Saver To create a concealment saver slideshow inwards Macintosh OSX, practise the following:

In the dock, click on the System Preferences icon.
In the System Preferences dialog box, click on the Desktop & Screensaver icon.
In the Screen Savers list, click on Choose Folder together with navigate to the folder containing the pictures yous desire to function inwards the screensaver. Select the folder together with click on Choose.
To laid upwards options (cross-fade, zoom, etc.) for the concealment saver, click on the Options button, brand your selections together with click on OK.
To exam the concealment saver, click on the Test button, or merely click on the Close box to shut Desktop & Screensaver dialog box.

That’s all at that spot was to it. Now both of us acquire to savor our trip pictures every fourth dimension our screensavers boot in!

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