Little old me


Four and a bit years ago my world changed when I had my first child, the image of that yummy mummy I had envisioned in my head for so long never materialised, instead here stands a mostly sleep deprived, dishevelled, anxious looking individual who sometimes managed a smile but always has cakes in the house. 

You see, baking really does save my sanity.  Far from doing it to show off (but who am I kidding it does look bloody amazing on Instagram!) it’s one of the few things that destresses me. 

As one toddler careers down the hall chasing an imaginary dinosaur with a giant digger and the other is trying to find the most interesting way to get a part of their body wedged somewhere, I take time out to bake. 

This blog is just a space for me to write down some of the daily antics of me and my brood, most of you will all be familiar with, to hopefully show you that humour is always the best medicine and that sometimes you need to laugh out loud to put things in perspective.





Lucy At Home