The Best Premium Tonics To Buy For Your Next G & T

Up until a few years ago, many people would have gladly splashed whatever tonic they had at the local shop into their gin. Infact many people were put off tonic from drinking flat, lukewarm or just disappointingly cheap tonics at their local pub. I certainly remember my first G & T for the sharpness of … Continue reading The Best Premium Tonics To Buy For Your Next G & T

How to make use of those pumpkins

Go to the supermarkets at the moment and you won't be able to miss the big orange things by the door - pumpkins! And it may suprise you to know that they aren't just for carving. They can be used in much the same way as other squash, and if you look at the price … Continue reading How to make use of those pumpkins

Unlucky for some

Do you spend the day jumping over cracks in the pavement and seeking out four leaf clovers? Friday the 13th strikes fear into the hearts and minds of many, with airline costs and even the price of a wedding being significantly reduced on these dates! Its no suprise to us Brits that the number 13 … Continue reading Unlucky for some

Things that never live up to expectations.

Quite often in life reality can be a bitter disapointment. Things that in our heads seem like a great idea turn out to be bad decisions! Here's a run down of what I always expect to be great but when they happen they always turn into complete FML moments! • Swimming. I always love the … Continue reading Things that never live up to expectations.

12 Annoying Things People Say

Some days I am greatful that I work alone. (Other people should be thankful too!) Life can be a bit too peopley and the rage sets in - especially when I'm tired. Let's just say that some days my resting bitch face gets a work out! Stand back everyone. Here is a run down of … Continue reading 12 Annoying Things People Say

Summer’s over

Autumn is my favourite part of the year. You get those crispy days where it's sunny but you can still wear a big jumper. The colours all around are so pretty that everything starts looking like a Pinterest flatlay. The food starts to get all warming and comforting. And don't forget about the coffee shop … Continue reading Summer’s over

What a to-do … about pink and blue!

Gender Neutrality. It's the latest buzz word. The newest cause. The rights campaigners favourite campaign. It is a topic that is dividing the parenting forums. But what is all the fuss about? For years boys were boys and girls were girls. But now aparently it's no good to put little Timmy in a dinosaur hoodie … Continue reading What a to-do … about pink and blue!

The Classroom Teddy

So we had the honour this weekend of hosting the nursery teddy bear mascot 'Mungo'.  This can strike horror into the hearts of many parents. Foreseeing the need to exaggerate their weekend plans to make Mungos experience one to remember. Along with the teddy bear is a diary to chronicle his time with you and … Continue reading The Classroom Teddy

Fortune Favours The Brave

Well last nights Bake off didn't disappoint..even if Sandis comments were starting to err on the side of sexual harrassment! 😂 My hero is Flo - bring on the gin 😍 I wouldn't be suprised next week if they ask them to build a full scale model of a car that can travel 30miles though … Continue reading Fortune Favours The Brave

5 Problems with Long Term Relationships

1 Dating I got together with my now husband, when I was only 17. So I missed out on grown up dating. Have to admit I do feel robbed! I didn't get taken on dates to nice restaurants or anywhere else really! We played badminton at the local community centre, watched films at the cinema … Continue reading 5 Problems with Long Term Relationships