I am judging you

I've been loving the latest wave of mum empowerment posts that went up this year. With the aim of taking back control and having a 'you got this' attitude. I like the idea of the no judgement and 'each to their own' mentality. But sometimes - ok quite often actually - I can't help but … Continue reading I am judging you

The best mince pies out there this Christmas.

My pick of the the pies! To save you wasting time and calories buying substandard pies this Christmas, I have tried and tested a mix of bakes on the market - I know what a trooper eh?! There are now more than 40 mince pies out there, with most supermarkets having a few varieties or … Continue reading The best mince pies out there this Christmas.

100 Truths Blogger Tag

Last week I was tagged by the lovely Jakijellz over at Jakijellz.comĀ in a new blogger tag 100 truths. I'm always game for a bit of truth telling and from the bloggers posts that I've read so far under this tag I've learnt a lot - and laughed more! So I'll crack on with my answers! … Continue reading 100 Truths Blogger Tag

Easy Homemade Christmas Crafts

Making some Christmas crafts with your kids hand or footprint is a brilliant way of capturing a moment in time. Looking back to things we made last Christmas I can't believe how tiny my sons feet were! So here are a few really simple but impressive ideas! Use salt dough to capture footprints or handprints … Continue reading Easy Homemade Christmas Crafts

15 Things To Do At Night – Other Than Watch Netflix!

1. Get all those photos from your phone printed off and make up some family albums. Going through all your pics and having them printed can take a couple of nights in itself the time you download them all. Looking back at old pics makes you reminisce and it can be really good to remember … Continue reading 15 Things To Do At Night – Other Than Watch Netflix!

3 Gins you need to try

Someone will likely ask, 'have you heard of this one?' about a gin and chances are your answer will be no. The range of gins on the market at the moment mean we are finding new ones every week. With gin sales beating other spirits hands down it can be hard to keep up. I … Continue reading 3 Gins you need to try

What gin liqueurs to buy next.

Want to buy the most perfect gift for someone or get something that will completely transform your next party? Then look no further! Together with a group of eight testers I studiously tasted some of the best and newest gin liquers on the market. So wether you are a lover of gin or a complete … Continue reading What gin liqueurs to buy next.

From the first footstomp – how to deal with temper tantrums

First year foot stomping Terrible Twos The Threenager ...whatever next! When your little person starts evolving their character, the first thing that comes through is their fighting spirit. They fight their nappy changes, some fight bathtime, putting clothes on, taking clothes off, mealtimes, sitting down, pretty much everything! When they don't get their own way … Continue reading From the first footstomp – how to deal with temper tantrums

Does guilt affect your life?

Guilt Women are amazing at making themselves feel guilty. From the young woman who is pursuing her career and putting her relationships on hold, to the mother going back to work, to the older women who are having it all. We sacrifice a part of ourselves at every step and so guilt creeps in like … Continue reading Does guilt affect your life?