All-Weather Landscape Photography: Wind and Rain Create Photo Opportunities as well as Problems

Sunshine early on inwards the morn or around sunset offers nifty opportunities for landscape photography. But it would live on a fault to mean nosotros should rest at abode on ho-hum days. With a lilliputian planning together with aid it is possible to acquire some fine shots nether cloudy skies. Better yet, you lot tin exploit mist together with pelting to enliven pictures alongside some pleasing effects.

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Planning the shoot

Before leaving home, mean almost the kinds of shots that volition make goodness from that day’s weather condition together with caput for a suitable location. If the lite is adept almost whatever shot tin plough out good inwards either windy or rainy conditions. Well-lit stormy seas together with dramatic cloud formations ever make interesting opportunities. Rain, mist together with current of air inwards ho-hum conditions tin live on trickier to manage. In whatever case, digital photographers should design to accept RAW images, nosotros volition run across why later.

Relatively depression lite volition require long exposures hence your tripod volition live on indispensable, together alongside a remote shutter unloose to cut down photographic tv camera milk shiver every bit you lot accept the picture. You tin utilization the built-in self timer for the same purpose, though it is non ideal if you lot desire to fourth dimension a shot inwards relation to, say, gusty winds or the displace of breaking waves. H5N1 adept lens hood tin assistance protect the lens from raindrops.

Where to go

Naturalistic rivers, streams together with lakes tin live on adept locations inwards moisture weather. Raindrops tin furnish “texture” to calm H2O inwards a lake or slow-moving stream, greatly strengthening what mightiness otherwise live on a weak composition. Shots of moving H2O inwards streams together with rivers tin every bit good travel good inwards the rain. Varying the ISO value volition permit you lot to vary the shutter speed together with increment or decrease the sum of blur, creating pleasing effects inwards contrast to the pivot precipitous details on the river bank.

In the mist, a line of piece of job of trees or argue posts that fade into the close distance tin hand an attractively delicate, spooky effect. You tin “anchor” the shot inwards some close-up particular of leaves or small-scale boulders inwards the foreground, together with you lot volition in all likelihood desire to minimize or eliminate the sum of featureless heaven at the summit of the picture.

Opportunities together with challenges

Strong winds make both opportunities together with problems. Tree branches, leaves, grass together with H2O volition displace hence you lot volition postulate to arrange the shutter speed to acquire the resultant you lot want. Some level of displace blur tin heighten the picture, though you lot volition normally desire something inwards the foreground that doesn’t displace inwards the wind, similar rocks together with tree trunks, together with remains sharp. This tin live on tricky because a potent current of air tin milk shiver the tripod together with blur the whole image, especially at tardily shutter speeds, hence ready inwards a relatively sheltered place or observe some mode to stabilize the photographic tv camera on its stand. Hanging your photographic tv camera handbag from the tripod tin help, but don’t rely on that inwards a existent gale.

The “Inner Landscape”

Close-ups of the fine details of the natural landscape, similar leaves, moss, pebbles together with spiders’ webs, tin live on interesting. These kinds of shots tin really expect ameliorate inwards ho-hum together with moisture conditions than inwards brilliant sunlight, especially alongside a few scattered raindrops. Try unlike f values to acquire unlike depths of field; a pivot precipitous expanse inside a partly blurred paradigm tin rattling effectively depict the middle to the particular you lot desire to highlight.


Back at home, the RAW paradigm format volition furnish much to a greater extent than flexibility than tiffs or jpegs every bit you lot assess together with tweak your images into their terminal form. As always, utilization a lite impact the conversion controls to avoid introducing unnatural effects. For dull-weather shots it is wise to pay especially closed attending to ‘temperature’, ‘vibrance’, saturation together with contrast to acquire the best out of each shot.

Working inwards the pelting mightiness hand you lot a moisture shirt but it is a nifty mode to larn how to acquire the best from your equipment. And the resulting option takes on familiar locations tin live on valuable additions to your portfolio.

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