My name’ s Pam, I’m 32 and writing this kind of feels like a weird ad for internet dating!  I have two children a boy who is now three and a one year old baby girl.  I work full time as a signaller on the railway.  My passion in life is baking.  I bake when I’m sad and I bake when I’m mad.  It calms me down and takes me away when everything around me is going to hell!  I have been writing fiction since I was 12 but in the last 5 years I have just not managed to get my imagination to focus, so I have decided to write some non fiction, because writing is so important to me.  I aim to write about family life, my life and baking.  Hopefully my life will be as entertaining to others as it is me!  Please get in touch I love hearing from everyone!

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pam xxx