My name’ s Pam, I am 33 and think the best thing in life is gin!  I have two children a funny boy who is almost four and an almost two year old sassy girl. I never grew up wanting to be a mother – it suprised me as much as everyone else how much I loved it – and feel like it is  a job that I am constantly dropping the ball at! But the kids provide me with endless laughs and we are getting through the chaos together. In my profession life I work full time as a signaller on the railway – much easier than being at home  My passion in life is baking.  I bake when I’m sad and I bake when I’m mad!  It calms me down and takes me away when everything around me is going to hell!  I have been writing fiction since I was 12 but in the last 5 years I’ve not really been able to get my imagination to focus, so I decided to write some non fiction, because writing anything is so important to me.  I started to write about family life, my personal life and baking and it’s really taken off.  Hopefully my life will be as entertaining to others as it is me!  Please get in touch I love hearing from everyone!

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pam xxx