Weaning recipes and advice.

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When you feel your baby is ready to move onto foods it can be a stressful time. There’s a lot of great websites out there related to weaning. You won’t be stuck for ideas. Annabel Karmel is a household name for a reason, check her page out here Annabel Karmel. Below I have shared my experience, and also recipes that have worked for us.


People are keen to put labels on all forms of parenting and feeding is no different. After you get past the breast vs bottle debates you get the joy of spoon fed vs baby led weaning, and the other minefield of when is too early to start at all!  It’s a personal choice and one I know no one takes lightly. I personally spoonfed both my kids, using a mix of my own home made stuff and a lot of baby jars. We also gave finger foods…

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