Why is everyone so offended?

Last week there were so many items in the news that highlight all that is wrong with the world today. Never mind “Generation X” or the “Millennials”, we should just refer to everyone these days as

“The O”

Where O stands for offended!


It started off with Keira Knightly. Who told Ellen Degeneres why she has stopped her 3 year old daughter from watching Disney. She believes that the premice of always waiting to be saved by a rich man is damaging and that The Little Mermaid is one of the worst offenders against feminism, as the female lead character gives up her voice for a man. GIVE ME A BREAK!


I can’t say I ever felt anything but joy watching the Little Mermaid – maybe mild terror at Ursula! With those songs and the fact that every girl under the age of ten wants to be a mermaid!  Am I missing something? To be fair when I last rewatched Beauty and the Beast I did have to wonder why the fuck no one had noticed the strong sense of Stockholm Syndrome in the film and why the hell Belle would have stuck around that Beast?  But do you know what? When I was a young girl all I could see was a beautiful girl who loved to read, she fought Gaston, didn’t care what anyone thought of her, and stuck to her guns to rescue her dad. She then has a happily ever after.  The rest sailed over my head. I think people are giving films – and youngsters – way too much credit! Kids don’t take in all the subtle nuances of ‘The Patriarchy’ as some feminist campaigners will have you believe. Sometimes it is ok to just have a childhood full of beauty and hope.

My son watching his favourite film beauty and the beast
One of his favourite films for a while

It got worse …

The next one really raised some eyebrows. A woman called Lisa Hancox Tweeted to suggest that her 4 year old son had questioned the fact that Kleenex had some tissues named ‘Mansize’. He is reported to have asked his mum ‘Can girls,boys and mummies use them?‘ you can read the full Tweet here – Lisa Hancox.  Yeah sure Lisa, next you will be telling me he takes a great interest in the GDP of Poland?! Fuck off with yourself. A four year old does not read that well and certainly gives no shits about tissues.  He certainly wasn’t raising a gender inequality debate. The term ‘Mansize’ on a tissue box has not, and never will make anyone feel gender typed. The fact that Kleenx have actually publically announced now that they are rebranding to call their tissues ‘Extra Large’ is laughable. What next? The slightly chubby girl pulling out a tissue to sob about the fact she feels they are judging her weight? Wipe your tears soft hearts! The fact people are now using their kids to get gender on the front pages is crazy.


But wait.  It managed to go one step further!

Later that week someone claimed their child didn’t like the fact that she had to use the word ‘masterpiece’ to describe her carved pumpkin.  ‘why can’t it be my mistresspiece’ APPARENTLY claimed the 8 year old daughter of  Alison O’Connor. Read the Tweet here – Masterpiece or Mistresspiece?.(Don’t forget to read the replies to that Tweet, they are comic gold!) It all smacks so much of fake news that I just want to wave a banner proclaiming THAT NEVER HAPPENED! Why would that thought even enter an 8 year olds head? Maybe teach your daughter that the word Master comes from many sources but mainly the Old English maegester one having control or authority. No mention of having to have a cock and bollocks.



Yes, the world and most of it’s language is streamed to the masculine because in the past the men were in charge. Things are moving on, but one thing we cannot do is erase history. That women were subjugated and classed as a lesser species than their male counterparts is not in question. Things are being done now to bring everyone onto a level playing field but some things are outwith our control, read my post on gender for more on my feelings about this The gender debate.

Working mums work harder

People these days use feminism as their cause for being obnoxious. They don’t want equality, they want to put men down and be above them. Women in the spotlight are not helping. Such as Susannah Reid Tweeting this week about the diaproportionate number of women up for top awards at the BTA’s. Does she think there should be equal numbers just to make a point? Don’t we want people winning based on merit anymore? Apparently not.


What do they want to achieve?

More and more people are quick to jump on the offensive about everthing and it seems almost as if they want to rip away a part of childhood. The magical part where kids can be kids without having an agenda. Do we really want to start talking to our toddlers about why the princesses in their favourite movies are conforming to a gender stereotype and are weak by being submissive?

Do we want to rip away at their view of the world by giving them our own majorly altered view which is based on jaded experience? Or can we let them have imaginations and to dream.  What Keira, Lisa and Alison are forgetting is that they were all brought up with those old movies, probably used mansized hankies themselves and definitely heard people talk of masterpieces, yet they all grew up to be strong independant women who are trying to raise well ajusted children. Of all the many issues in the world today, Disney and a few misunderstood words aren’t up there.


What do you think of Generation Offended? Do you agree with the fact that kids should be kids or do you think more need to change? And please give me your take on Disney! Either way I love to hear your views.

Pam xxx


  1. In other crazy news Piers Morgan said men were emasculated for carrying their babies in slings! (Or the modern equivalent!) My husband couldn’t wait to pick up our son from nursery carrying our newborn daughter in a sling . . . 24 years later he’s still a bloke!

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  2. Loud applause! You are completely right. Get over yourselves people. If you want to take offence at the stupid, inconsequential things in life then I suggest you go wrap yourself up in cottonwool and live in a shack with no internet access and avoid the rest of the world. Do you remember the yorkie advert? Should we rebrand ‘just for men’hair dye? Or maybe we can all just stop being offended at minor thinga abd start being offended about how shittily refugees, the homeless, the elderly are treated first.

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