Why working mums work just as hard.

So yeah, the Bake and Baby blog was supposed to be no more, but I have way to many opinions on parenting to fit into the odd Tweet! So fuck the online trolls I’m back.

Reading a piece for Fabulous online today I had a proper ‘hold my beer’ moment. Read it Here

I re-read it then watched the Loose Women show where Kelly Brooke shared her thoughts. Then I blew up.

I sit on the fence regarding working parents. I work bloody hard and expect those I work with to work equally hard. I have no time for slackers and don’t like excuses. So in that regard me and Kelly Brooke are similar. That’s where it ends however. She may spend her days sitting by a pool with her chebs out and think that she has the right to slate an entire collection of women (yeah that’s right she didn’t include the dads) even though she should be educated enough at her age to know that you can’t condem an entire grup of people because of the few. I’m sure she would hate for me to label her as an utter airhead because she was a model?


So my thoughts.


Most working mums I know work harder than most. They are more productive and manage to squeeze tin the work that takes their colleagues a full week into 3 or 4 days – I’m not joking. They then do not get the luxury of going home to chill for the evening as this journos piece seems to make out.


Yeah they leave early but because they have to pick their kids up so that their father, that man in your office, can work late. No mention of that in your piece eh??

Working mums work harder
Would Kelly Brooke prefer we all stay out of the workplace?


So what about the men? They get to carry on working full pelt with no time taken off. I’m not saying in every case but the majority of childcare arrangements falls on the mother. Child is sick the mum takes the day off. Child needs pucked up by 6pm, mums got to leave early.


Leading on to the shockingly idiotic turn of phrase used in the piece that because mums take days off to care for their kids when they are ill that they are creating a new nation of spoilt emperors, I wrote a piece on the potential for spoiling your kids Are we creating Spoilt Emperors and believe me, taking a day off for them being sick isn’t doing that! Do you think I want to be at home with a snotty nosed toddler instead of in the office having ‘meetings’ and drinking coffee? Eh no! But when the kids are sick, however mildy then the nurseries won’t take them so what option is there? Please tell me wise and wonderful Samantha Brick.

So while I can see it being frustrating if you don’t have children to see working mums apparently getting star treatment, belive me they are working 10x harder than you ever will. Yes there will be those that take the piss, but I know a lot of people in the workplace who do that without the excuse of children.

Working mums are out there trying to be a good role model for their kids. They are boosting the economy and contributing to the country. Can every one of those people who complin about working mums say the same?

What’s your take on it all? Are you a working mum? Are you a slacker? Or do you see the other side as someone without kids?

Get in touch as always I love to hear from you!

Pam xxx

I’m back baby!


  1. Pam! I actually cannot believe the drivel I have just given 5 minutes of my life to!!
    At the same time I was promoted to manger at my work I was also promoted to single mum status.
    My work allow me a level of flexibility (they are awesome) but this is due to the fact that whilst there are days I leave early to collect my Emporer from childcare, be sure that once I’m home and completed all my mummy tasks and my Emporer is asleep in his palacial bed, my attention turns back to my work, the laptop is often back on and I can work until midnight some nights.. So screw them. I’m justifying my work, my parenting to no one that doesn’t matter to me. I work hard, as do all the mum’s I work with, within the childcare sector…. All said and done it’s a 247 role that goes far beyond 18 years….. Get a grip on hating on your fellow women and maybe be more productive during the day to ensure you’re NOT stuck in the office until 8pm

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