The problems of the modern mother.


These days it’s no longer deemed acceptable to be a ‘kept woman’, stay at home mums seem like an endangered species. We all strive to be independant working mums. But is being a modern wife and mother all it’s cacked up to be? I’m not so sure.

When you think about having children I bet you imagined the cuddles, the walks with a buggy, having a little mini version of yourself, getting to teach them things …wait. We are expected to teach them actual things??


Erm? I’m not a teacher and I’m not sure I read the smallprint. Toilet training, bathroom habits, politeness, kindness, numbers, letters, animals noises, how to high five, that it’s rude to show a stanger your willy just because you are very proud of it!


The list is endless and I was completely unprepared to take on this level of commitment. Getting the cat to stop jumping on the kitchen worktop took me months (and I’m sure she still does it when I’m not looking!)
Then there’s the extra curricular. Costumes. Every sodding month there will be some form of ‘International’ day. Where they have to come dressed as a character and you feel like it really should be hand made so you set about the needle and thread with gusto – producing things that look like they were mauled by a hungry bear and leaving your hands looking like that too!


You have to come up with cool activities to do together, like crafts and baking. Because it isn’t deemed acceptable to dump them infront of their ipad all day – roll on summer so I can put them out in the garden to get some peace and I can say it’s good to give them fresh air and be learning about nature!

Sometimes it’s the only way to get five minutes peace!

So have you working mums imagined another life?  Being a working mum is the hardest struggle most of us will face. Juggling everything that goes along with it leaves most of us flat. I doubt anyone hasn’t dreamed of them having enough cash for them just to be a lady of leisure? Can’t just be me!


•  Imagine having the whole week to do the household chores rather than just your days off and occassionaly the two hours between getting home from work and the inevitable falling asleep on the couch.
•  Imagine being able to take the kids to every playgroup or activity session that you see advertised (ok, ok, so maybe not. I mean they look amazing but you would go mental if you went to all of them! But at least you would have the option.)
•  Imagine not having to schedule dentist/doctor/hairdresser/vet/household repair appointments with military precision as you can choose your own schedule.
•  Imagine not having the kids telling you how much they miss you and crying when they realise you aren’t going to be there again tomorrow.
•  Imagine getting to put the kids to bed every night – something I know for a fact everyone takes for granted. Some weeks I put them to bed on a Friday and don’t do it again until a Tuesday, and when they were very small I would go up to four days without seeing them at all, as they’d be in bed when I left before 6am and be in bed when I got home at 7am.


Never take bedtime for granted

•  Imagine having the time to prepare family dinners instead of having to eat whatever you can throw together at 8pm because who has the foresight to meal prep every week!
•  Imagine being able to ask people to babysit for you if you fancied a night out, and not feel guilty because you aren’t using those same people to childmind your children for full days through the week while you work.


Clearly I’ve thought about this a LOT! 😂 And yet, the flipside is being at home …alone …with the kids every single day! Hmmm? It’s not looking quite so rosy?


Any stay at home mums want to give me a response of their imaginings? Do you love staying at home or do you crave a change the same as me? Crucially, would you change a thing? Because for me, I wouldn’t. Unless of course we have a massive lotto win and I can be the lady of leisure that I truly fantasise about – complete with cleaner and nanny!


Let me know what you think.

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