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I have my favourite go to foundations like anyone. But having been on maternity leave then with mounting childcare costs, my beauty budget has been depleted. I now keep my nice Elizabeth Arden and Clinique for more special nights out and have a beauty bag for midweek fixes! When looking at weekday make up I’m looking for something that’s easy to apply as I don’t have time for faffing about with lots of products like I might for an evening out.

I have the usual dark circles under my eyes, lots of freckles, noticeable pores and a few dry patches. My skin isn’t bad but can look grey and tired and I have a tendency to flush when flustered with the kids and life in general! I’ve started feeling much better if I have some foundation on and it gives me a boost to not get told I look tired! When I needed a cheap alternative I researched the pick of the markets best ‘high street’ foundations. With ‘anti fatigue’ and ‘anti dark circle’ claims it can be a guessing game which one to choose. So let me take you through the ones that make the cut!

Bourjois 123

1. Bourjois 123 Perfect.
30ml £12.99 Boots and Superdrug.
This foundation offers up the most promises.
‘Flawless complextion for 16hrs’
‘Anti-dark circles’
‘Anti-dull complexion’
It is like all your wishes written out for you.


This has light to medium coverage and a matte finish. It goes on well and blends really nicely. It was great at covering any uneven skin patches and lasted right through the day. My only problem with this one was that it clung to the dry patches on my forehead (maybe I just need to exfoliate more!) It would be perfect for those with oily skin but I’m not sure it would be good if you are very dry. It definity delivers on it’ s promises and I didn’t have to use concealer. A great budget buy as you don’t need to use much of it per wear.
I used shade 51 Light Vanilla. Boots offers 5 shades but Superdrug only have 4 available making it a bit harder to get a good match.



2. Rimmel Wake Me Up
30ml £8.99 Boots and Superdrug
SPF 20
Claiming ‘Anti-Fatigue’ ‘Skin Brightening’ with Vitamin C.
This is light to medium coverage, I only needed a little of it to give me a great cover. For someone who doesn’t like a heavy feel this was perect.


It may be too light for some but it would be really great for buildable coverage. It has quite a sparkly finish which gives you the glowy appearance and while it was great for going out it was maybe a bit to much for first thing in the morning – especially as I trialled it during winter. Brilliant for drier skin it left my skin feeling soft. Easily applied with fingers like a moisturiser for a really quick fix and I did get a lot of compliments while wearing it!
I used Light Porcelain shade 010 and I found the shades a bit on the lighter side so maybe need to fo a bit darker than your usual shade. Boots and Superdrug both offer 6 shades.


Max Factor
Max Factor

3. Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Flawless.
30ml £12.99 Boots and Superdrug
SPF 20
This is a 3 in 1 foundation, with Primer, Concealer and Foundation all in one. This seems a great option as some of the primers out there cost just as much as a good foundation! And with added concealer this isn’t just a money saving hack but saves time too.
This was rich and creamy and blended really well. Medium to full coverage it was definitely heavier than I am used to wearing. It didn’t cling to any dry spots and gave the best coverage of any I have tested – even better than some of the expensive foundations I have tried. Max FactorLasted well throughout the day and didn’t rub off against the kids clothes or cheeks – major bonus points! The shades are a little on the light side so you may have to go a bit darker than your usual shade. Applied like a moisturiser with very little blending needed this can get you from zombie to hottie/passable human in no time!
I used Light Ivory 40. You can get 9 shades on boots and 6 in Superdrug.

Body Shop
Body Shop

4.Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation
30ml £15 from
This offers 24 hour moisture and a nude glow finish.
The first thing I noticed was a strong smell to this foundation compared to the rest, however this goes away when applied.

Body Shop
Body Shop

The first few times I wore it it was patchy, I found that using a buffing brush gave me the best finish so maybe not the best for quick applications if you are like me and are used to something you can slap on. This was definitely the best for durability, and could easily take you from first thing through to evening – if by some miracle you ever get out after dark! This had a dewy finish which was great for tired skin. I loved the glow it gave me and didn’t need to wear any primer or concealer with it. The colour I wore was fantastic too and I would recommend it for both dry and oily as it seemed to adapt to suit. I get my Body Shop products from my friend Lisa who runs her own online business, check out Facebook or ask around to see if there’s someone in your area that soes the same. You get some really great offers.
I used Bora Bora Tiare 012 and you can select from 16 shades online.

I’m not sure perfect foundation exists, but when a tinted moisturiser is no longer enough to hide the effects of a life with no sleep then it could get expensive to try out all of them on the market! The high street is a perfect place to go for some cheap options and there i something to suit all skin types and if this tired mum can find something to make her look less zombie-like then there’s hope for everyone!

Have you tried any of these? What’s your go to make up look?

Pam xxx


  1. I was tempted to try the Rimmel one when I was looking for a new foundation a few weeks ago but I saw it online and was worried about picking the wrong colour! A bad experience with Body Shops BB Cream has put me off trying their foundation unfortunately, normally I love their products.

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