Reasons why your January diet will fail (probably, unless you’re hardcore!)

2018-01-02 11.37.48

New Year always sees a rise in Weight Watcher subscription, sales of healthy cook books and gym memberships. What is it about the New Year that makes up want to do all this? I am already fed up of the junk mail clogging up my email asking me to join up to 30 day shred programmes! I used to always be on some diet or other in January! Nowadays I tend to take a more laidback approach to my resolutions. Here is where I think it all goes wrong for those that jump on the ‘New Year, New Me’ bandbagon.

1. The house is chock full of selection boxes, leftover continental cheeses, and crisps that were bought in for guests. (Oh and if you’re like us, the freezer may have some party snacks and there will be a tin of biscuits from Uncle Frank and an emergency Christmas pud in the back of the cupboard!) All reasons why your healthy eating plan will be derailed. Even the best laid salad plans can be sidetracked by a sneaky peak of a pack of Sensations pare rib crackers!

Who can say no to Brie???

2. Your body has just had so much sugar, fat and booze that any attempt to detox will be so much harder as your body will go into shutdown like a crack addict. An 11am sugar craving will make your colleagues believe you are either pregnant or just a witch with your level of hangry rage. A slow removal is a better option, cold turkey is only good on a sandwich!

3. The weather doesn’t exactly encourage you to get back into exercising. The mornings and evenings are still so dark, making getting out of bed or going out after dinner a struggle. The cold snaps that make the pavements icy are a valid excuse for not bothering to go out and the roads being bad make it easy to not bother going anywhere. Staying inside is a much better idea.

2018-01-02 11.32.38

4. Going back to work is hard! After a few days off it’s always a shock to the system to get back into the swing of the working week. Everyone gets the back to work blues, and what better way to beat them than taking an extra biccie with your 10am cuppa …and the next one ..and so on! Someone always brings in a tin of Quality Street to get rid of them and they will sit in the canteen tempting you! It’s so hard to be good when faced with so much temptation!!

5. You are actually part bear which means that eating loads and hibernating are actually part of your make up …ok this may be a massive lie but it’s what I believe some days!

2018-01-02 11.35.23
When the scales ahow an ‘error’ reading it’s never good!!

So don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon – the way I see it you were set up and given a shoddy wagon with a wonky wheel! Try and set more achievable targets and take things easy to begin with. Don’t make the start of the year a miserable one!

What are your resolutions? Have you managed to get through all your Christmas leftovers yet?

Pam xxx

Mum Muddling Through


  1. I am totally on board with the being part bear I could totally hibernate…i am not having a resolution I am going on the small regular goals….first goal go to the gym at least 2 times per week…and eat 1 less pack of crisps per week….i will then increase decrease things each month….im going for the tortoise approach….

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  2. This is why I never set resolutions! So hard to keep to when the skies are grey and there i a general feeling of being miserable #coolmumclub

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