Easy Homemade Christmas Crafts

This guy is my favourite, smudges and all!

Making some Christmas crafts with your kids hand or footprint is a brilliant way of capturing a moment in time. Looking back to things we made last Christmas I can’t believe how tiny my sons feet were!

So here are a few really simple but impressive ideas!


Use salt dough to capture footprints or handprints and then decorate once cool.
For salt dough
1 cup plain four
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup warm water

Mix salt and flour then pour in some of the water you may not need it all. Bring together to a stuff dough us. Roll out and place on a chopping board. Then get your child to make footprints all over it, leaving space between each one. Then carefully cut round the footprint leaving a bit of space by the heel.

Using a drinking straw poke a hole near the heal of the footprint – this is for hanging up after. Place footprints on a lined baking tray and bake at 120°c for 3 hours. Check on then after an hour and if it looks like they are puffing up, take then out and poke a few holes in them with a needle then put back in.

Leave to cool for a few days then decorate. I seal them with a pva glue after the paint and find acrylic paints work best. Use your imagination (or Pinterest) for other designs. Makes great gifts for family! You can also use handprints to make santa faces. Make a bit extra and let the kids play with it like playdough – it keeps them entertained fo ages!

Christmas cards.
Use washable paint and have an old towel and a pack of wipes handy. I buy sturdy colourful card from the supermarket and remember you can make almost any colour from just the four primary colours if you need to!
For orange mix yellow and red
For brown add orange and blue
For purple add red and blue
For green mix blue and yellow
Also good to have a set of felt tips to add detail once the pictures are dry.
A great tip is to have some spare card and some paint on a cardboard plate with some potatoes cut up into shapes for them to play with inbetween so they don’t get bored! Boredom = mess!20171123_101043

Try to make it fun, if they want to paint their own feet then let them. Allow them to play about for a bit then wash it off and start again. Try getting a few good ones done and out the way then you can muck about. Please just watch they don’t try and run about with wet feet so they don’t fall!20171123_100422

Don’t wear good clothes as they will get covered – painting kids tickly feet is a challenge! Great if they are still in a highchair makes it a bit easier – a crazy toddler will leave your kitchen floor looking like a jackson pollock! I have a load of baby wipes pulled out ready to wipe feet and hands!
Here are some of the designs we made!

2017-11-27 06.46.15
Lots of handprints, finished of with some fingerpainting
It’s a robin (incase you were wondering )

2017-11-27 06.45.5320171123_103813So are you going to have a go this year? It doesn’t take long and it really is nice to look back on. Defintely make extras so you can keep one, don’t give them all away! And don’t stress about them looking perfect you will get some that have stray fingerprints but you will look back at these and remember the laughs you had creating them – well, maybe! A great activity for baby and toddler groups too. Send me your pictures – during and after, good or bad!


Me, Being Mummy
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  1. Enjoyed reading this, brings back fond memories. My youngest daughter is Miss Creative am deffo going to have a go at this salt dough, we’ve never made it and looking at this, I think it looks easy. Will let you know how we go.

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