15 Things To Do At Night – Other Than Watch Netflix!

I know that show you’re watching is amazing, but before your next boxset binge take a breather

1. Get all those photos from your phone printed off and make up some family albums. Going through all your pics and having them printed can take a couple of nights in itself the time you download them all. Looking back at old pics makes you reminisce and it can be really good to remember fun times. Having photos printed instead of just on your phone is great too.

2. Play a game! Scrabble, Monopoly or just cards. Playing agame together instead of watching telly can be really good fun (unless your other half is a crazy sore loser then it may not be such a good idea πŸ˜‚)


3. Have a music night. Get YouTube or Spotify on and go back through your favourite bands or be nostaligic and find songs from your teenage years. It’s amazing what memories music can inspire and you will have a proper laugh regaling each other with stories.

4. Read. Use the precious few hours when the kids are in bed reading a book you have always wanted to read or some blogs that you never get a chance to enjoy properly – if you can keep your eyes open long enough!

5. Cook! Make some dishes together while you have a chance and can take your time making nice things. They can get frozen for nights where you don’t have time, and it might suprise the one of you who isn’t a fan of cooking just how much you will enjoy it when you do it together. Sometimes you find out a bit more about each others preferences and tastes that have changed. I used to hate mushrooms now they are one of my fave ingredients.

It will look just like this …you won’t want to stab him with a fork for cutting the peppers wrong at all!

6. Sort out your paperwork. Now this one is totally boring no fun can be had here! But sorting through all the bank statements and other paperwork that has been shoved in a drawer can be good. You will find vouchers you had forgotten about, will realise renewal dates are maybe coming up for insurances giving you a chance to sort it out before you are rushed. You could even have a look at your TV or energy suppliers and compare prices. So a boring one but one that can be really beneficial.

7. Go through your diaries and see what you have coming up. Check what dates you have free and maybe book some stuff to do. Gigs, family days out or even holidays. Holiday planning is my personal favourite!

8. Sort through the kids toys whilst they are in bed and bin or pack up some to give away. Without the kids there to stop you you can be a bit more brutal and really have a clear out! With Christmas coming up this is a good one!

9. Get your D.I.Y on! Kitchen or bathroom been needing painted for longer than you can remember? Skirting boards or windowsils need touched up? Or ever fancied revamping an old piece of furniture? Now’s your chance. Obviously it’s impossible to do anything with the kids around so once they are in bed that’s your chance. Over the course of a week I got our hall skirtings and doorframes sanded and painted fresh white. Clearly not the most exciting of prospects at 7pm but once you start it’s not too bad. Get some good tunes on and if you are sharing the activity with you other half it makes you chat away. And once it’s finished you’ll be well proud of yourself!creativity-2735435_1280

10. Go for a bath. Even better pour a glass of wine and have a bath in peace – better if it’s not together then the other one can deal with the kids if they happen to wake up and you can enjoy it properly. They can also bring you extra wine and have dinner ready for you getting out the bath. Get your jammies on the radiator beforehand and you will be in heaven afterwards!

11. Have an early night. Use the time to catch up on some sleep. Don’t stay up late watching addictive tv show everynight. Take a breather every now and then to recharge. Especially if you have kids that like middle of the night wake ups or 5am starts!

12. Get some!Β And I don’t mean Dorittos! Use the precious time when the kids go to bed enjoying each other. Yeah you are knackered and want to curl up in your jammies watchn telly but literally take just one hour to make a move on your other half. It doesn’t have to be an epic marathon …but obviously if your not into it its not going to work, you have to want to. But just go with it and remember all those times you couldn’t keep your hands off each other and forget everything else! You might suprise yourself (Don’t think about the washing, the packed lunches, the fact your other half has been a dick) Then afterward the pjs and telly! πŸ˜‚

13. Cinema. Would you go on your own? I would, but you could also go with a friend. When you fancy a night out of the house but can’t ask for babysitters then you could take it in turns to go out. A new film to chat about and a chance to pig out on pick n mix!

14. Walk/Gym/Cycle. A chance to get out and excercise is always good but hard to get motivated to do after a long day. If you can get a friend involved then that can make you less likely to cancel. And it will do your mood the power of good. Taking tuns to get out can be good for you too.stretching-498256_1280

15. And if you don’t fancy going out in the winter weather then why not get an exercise dvd and have a go at doing it together -I’m not going to lie the last time hubster saw me doing my Zumba DVD he nearly had a cardiac laughing at me! But I’ve always thought a pilates or yoga dvd would be good to have a go at together.


So there you have it, a few ways to change up your usual evening routine! I know we have been crap lately at slobbing out every night so it’s always good to have a go at other stuff.

What do you get up to a night?! (Keep it clean! πŸ˜‚)

Pam xxx


  1. Thanks pam for another great post, even for those of us without kids. I will admit my favourite recently has been the sleeping one but I definitely need to get the photos done. I also have a colouring book and various crafts (why did I even buy knitting needles…) gathering dust, and a CD collection that needs to be uploaded to my computer or sent to the charity shop (the Smurfs go pop anyone?).

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