Unlucky for some

Do you feel lucky?

Do you spend the day jumping over cracks in the pavement and seeking out four leaf clovers? Friday the 13th strikes fear into the hearts and minds of many, with airline costs and even the price of a wedding being significantly reduced on these dates! Its no suprise to us Brits that the number 13 makes people uncomfortable. You don’t often get a 13th floor in buildings. Or a number 13 hotel room. Or even a number 13 house. Weird when you think about it.

Now I will hold my hands up and say that I have certain feelings towards luck. My husband will tell you that I refuse to walk over 3 drains (where does that even come from?) Will hurry to make a wish when a hay lorry goes past me, have a set of lucky numbers and get a bit freaked out by magpies – mainly because I can never quite remember the rhyme and never know whats good or bad!)

There is even a scientific name for the fear of Friday the 13th – Paraskavedekatriaphobia! Many people stay holed up in bed telling everyone tales they have heard of the misfortune that has befallen those who go about their daily business. And if you google it you will find some fine stories! But do you think it could become a self fulfilling prophecy? That if you believe somehing to be unlucky then your mind will be altered, your reactions not the same and so you are more at risk from things around you? Just in the same respect that people who carry a lucky rabbits foot or have lucky dice in their rearview mirror believe themselves to be lucky so attribute anything that happens to that ammulet rather than just life.


For those of us who have to tough it out and get on with living on Friday the 13th, I thought I would share some unlucky things that have befallen me over the last few weeks to make you feel better! After all I know I’d rather stick my head back under the duvet and foget about it but I want to do that everyday!

Arriving for work the other week I ran up the stairs only to feel something wet on my head. Touching my hair I instantly knew it hadn’t been rain. An enormous turd, so big it could surely have only come from a bird the size of an ostrich (but they don’t fly do they? And if they did they probably wouldn’t be native to Southern Scotland) So I get into work and have to wash my hair in a small handsink with antibacterial handsoap and dry it with paper towels, no mean feat! I then had to sit at work for 12 hours with my scalp tingling from the handsoap and my hair drying into a magnificant afro. Tremendous.


Forgetting I had ordered an online shop to be delivered early one morning I was still in my dressimg gown when the door went. Would have all been fine if toddler boy hadnt run up behind me pushing me into the delivery driver so my chest was in his face. This caused his glasses to fall off and when he bent down to get them he got a brilliant view of my legs in their unahaven glory. Mortified.

The mispronounciation of words will never fail to both amuse and embarrass me for years to come. The latest gem comes from his need for every latest craze. One month it is action heroes, another its a certain tv show. He gets very caught up in certain fads and last month he wanted to be a cowboy using anything he could find as a lassoo. We were in a supermarket and he shouts out ‘mummy you get me a boner?’

Eh… oh my actual god, what now? Not wanting him to repeat it but wondering what the hell he is on about I wheel my trolley down a quite aisle and ask him what he wants. Again he says ‘boner’ I am at a loss. Then he starts making actions with his hands. This is getting way to fucking weird for my liking and a guy silently perusing the passata jars is looking at me with a raised eyebrow. No doubt wondering if this is the kind of thing you should have social services on speed dial for. Eventually he starts talking about cowboys and indians and how he need a ‘boner’. A BOW AND ARROW! My relief knows no bounds. He has picked it up as one word and it came out horribly. We have since spent a quite bit of time on his pronounciation.


So there you are if you felt like Friday the 13th was going to be unlucky welcome to my life 24/7 what else could it really throw at me?!

To give yourseelf an extra giggle check out this embarrassing post

Do you believe in luck? Does Friday 13th freak you out? And what have been your latest embarassing moments?? Share all!

Pam xxx



  1. I go on the basis that if everyone is freaked out by Friday the 13th I’ll just think of it as my lucky day….not sure anything good has happened that day but also can’t think of anything awful….and so far so good. I am awake and have showered without falling in any holes…woop woop. Haha xc

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  2. Great post! No I’m not overly suspicious about Friday 13th, but coincidentally, I always seem to have a test on Friday 13ths and I always do badly in them… :/ – maybe it’s time for me to start looking for some four-leaf clovers… x

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  3. I didn’t actually realise it was Friday the 13th until my Mum reminded me! Like Mom of two little girls, I am superstitious about some things (we have a fairy bridge back home that you have to say hello to the fairys when you drive over it – don’t ask! 🙈) Byt Friday the 13th isn’t one of them.


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