12 Annoying Things People Say

Don’t make me laugh!

Some days I am greatful that I work alone. (Other people should be thankful too!) Life can be a bit too peopley and the rage sets in – especially when I’m tired. Let’s just say that some days my resting bitch face gets a work out! Stand back everyone.
Here is a run down of things people say that annoy the bejezus out of me!
1• Our baby didn’t/doesn’t do that. Good for you Cynthia but that is not helping my predicament.
2• You look tired. This one equally annoys and amuses me. I am a naturally pale person who doesn’t like taking it easy so I’m always on the go. On an average day I’m probably running on 3hrs sleep or less so yeah, I probably do look tired but being told so isn’t going to a)make me feel better b) solve the situation or c) make me want to continue conversing with you.20170701_151727

3• Housework can wait. Often said to new mums often just after ‘they are only young once’. And while yes it’ s true to an extent, dishes do indeed have to be done unless you want to eat your pasta off weetabox crusted bowls. Dinner does infact have to be shopped for, cooked and served. Clothes have to be washed and dried – ironing and putting away is optional! And unfortunately even a total slummy mummy wouldn’t want to sit her arse on a toilet seat frequented by a 3 year old boy!
4• You / They can’t have been having that that good a time when all they did was take pictures. I’ve heard this A LOT. It annoys me because I am pretty capable. So surely others must be too. Believe it or not, out of an entire day trip I can manage to take upwards of 60 shots of my snotty nosed cherubs, whilst at the same time loving and cherishing every moment. I can go out for tea with my other half and snap loads of pics without altering the mood or neglecting the conversation. Maybe you can’t manage to work a smartphone and function as a human being at the same time Kenneth but I can. Ok?

Look at us and I still manged to have a good time while snapping this..the gin helped!

5• Starting a sentence with ‘I’m sorry’ When clearly they aren’t. Not even a bit. In fact this can be moved on to ‘I’m not trying to be argumentative’ When they starting an argument. Well yes, yes you are. This is a friendly chat not an Oxbridge debating circle. End of.
6• I can’t imagine leaving little Timmy. Good for you. But I don’t hand my children over to a riddled crack whore at 8am. They go to a well regulated, local nursery…or my to my mum!
7• ‘It’s a phase’. We all use it. I do it all the time. Doesn’t mean it can’t make me itch like I’ve used the wrong washing powder! Everything’s a bloody phase.
8• To single friends ‘Have you tried internet dating?‘ Well unless they’ve been asleep since 2009 then most likely yes. They will have. So shut up and have a clue.
9• To childless friends ‘ when are you going to start trying?’ How do you know they haven’t you insensitive arse.
10• To friends with one child ‘It’d be cruel not to give them a sibling’ Are you insane? Did anyone actually get on with their siblings for the first 20 years of their lives? Nah didn’t think so. So making out like they are depriving their child isn’t helping anyone is it!

‘Cos you know, they get on so well!

11• People with older kids telling you ‘enjoy! This is the easy part’ Joking right?! As a new mum everything is a major hurdle and is the hardest thing you’ve ever experienced so don’t let anyone tell you different. It’s only with experience and hindsight that you can look back and think it wasn’t so bad. At the time it’s all consuming. Yeah each stage is difficult but who’s to say what is the ‘most difficult’ You def don’t need someone telling you that you shouldn’t be complaining as they have it worse. Its like top trumps. Which brings me finally to…
12• What have you done today? Usually in response to saying you are tired. It’s as if you have to justify being tired. I can have a full nights sleep, not be working and have nothing to do but still feel knackered. And why shouldn’t I? Someone lately actually appologised for yawning and told me that I must be so much more tired than them because of my shifts. Seriously it’s not a competition. We are all allowed equally to give in to how our bodies feel. If you have no kids and have weekends off but are still knackered then I may feel jealous as hell, but will never ever feel that you arent justified in being tired!

On no she didn’t!

Phew did you make it? Are you scared? Don’t be my bark is much worse than my bite! And sometimes it’s good to vent and get it all out. I’ll hold my hands up and say right now that I have used every single comment on here! My bad. We are only human. And what annoys me one day ammuses me the next. I never said I was logical. So what things that people say annoy you the most? And are you guilt too of any of these?

Don’t worry I’ll forgive you if you can forgive me…just don’t say I look tired!


Me, Being Mummy


  1. Defo agree on the internet dating….and people telling you stories about people they know who got married etc from someone they met….good for them…ive met psychos!! Also hate the you look tired/unwell/pale…well not everyone sleeps well all the time…..also…when moaning about work….”you sound stressed” how do u reply to that!! Haha

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  2. Brill Pam. Here’s some of mine…..
    “oh, you’re feeding him mushed up food?” followed by a tilted head look of sympathy for my poor neglected Child! 🙈
    “you’ve still got time for another….. “followed by another tilted head look of pity for my shrivelling ovaries. Yes, Gertrude, I know I do, i am fully in tune with my menstrual cycle, I have chosen not to have another biological child thanks 😂
    ” don’t take this the wrong way but…….. ” passive aggressive C U Next Tuesday, take your unrequested opinions and your big nosey nose, the fuck outta my business.
    “we defo need a wine night” from the ‘everyone’s friend’ girl that has never had a wine night with anyone. EVER!
    I don’t have time for anymore right now as I’m jumping in the shower to get ready for work while my child dresses himself and sits glued to the TV until school time…. He’ll live to tell the tale 😘

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  3. Mine is less about a saying but more about DRAMA! Now i’m not saying that i don’t like watching a drama unfold in front of my eyes and grabbing the popcorn to get involved…but…these people who actively invite drama along? Are they fricken insane? Can no one just chill the feck out these days? Unless i’m missing something and its the secret to losing weight?!

    Oh and possibly ‘What have you been up to?’ erm living. I work/play at being a mummy and wife and sometimes get let loose for a prosecco. If i do anything really interesting i’ll probs have checked-in on FB…its the way to let folk know without having a conversation which for the opposite of a social butterfly like me is fabulous. I’ve asked this question to people loads and everyone has the same answer ‘not much really’.

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  4. On the ‘tired’ thing, my personal ‘favourite’ was always when parents felt they could excuse their own kids’ bad behaviour by saying ‘He’s just so TIRED!’. Er – no, he just hit my kid, that’s completely unacceptable, tired or not.

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  5. Brilliant Pam well said once again! I agree with them all. Although I would have to say with lisa’s I am that ‘wine girl’ I’m bad for saying it totally meaning it & wanting to but it never happens!apologies to all, once my kids are older I’ll hold a ‘wine night’ haha. The biggest things people used to say that annoyed me was when I was pregnant ‘any baby yet’ ‘oh my god your huge’ ‘what your only half way’ the worse is ‘are you going to go again to get your girl?’ No you fool cos I ain’t no Victoria beckham & can put an order in ffs!! I’m happy with my boys thank you very much! Or because I’m one of five, ‘are you going to be like your mum & go for 5?’ Eeeeh naw that’s just mental! Crikey I could go on & on with the whole pregnancy thing haha but I won’t! Love your blog!xx

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    • This made me laugh i forgot about all the preggo chat! 😂 still pregnant? Nah i had him last week but didnt tell anyone and have just stuffed a melon up my jumper for shits n giggles! 😜 Wine nights yeah kay we will hold you to that! Thanks so much for reading xx


  6. ‘Oh you’re so lucky. You’re job is so glamorous getting to fly and stay in hotels and eating in restaurants all the time…..haha of course they don’t consider that in said hotel I have no friends, family, boyfriend, that I can’t just make a cup of tea and a slice of toast at night, that on the days I fly I’m up from 3am to 11pm and that once you’ve eaten one soggy Caesar salad you’ve eaten them all

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    • Im so guilty if saying this to hubby as he stays away all the time! He says the exact same after one hotel room they are all the same and lose all excitement and because hes working hes not seeing any of the areas hes travelling to! Thats a great one! Thanks for reading!! Xx


  7. This made me laugh out loud. You’re right on so many of these. I still can’t believe how quickly after I gave birth all the “so when are you going to have another one?” started. I’ve literally just popped this one out. Let me enjoy her first! #honeybeelinky

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  8. Hahaha as a fellow pale lady I get that all the time and the even more annoying cheer up it may happen. Yes agree housework has to be done and ironing is the last option #honeybeelinky

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