Summer’s over

The beach isn’t just for summer!

Autumn is my favourite part of the year. You get those crispy days where it’s sunny but you can still wear a big jumper. The colours all around are so pretty that everything starts looking like a Pinterest flatlay. The food starts to get all warming and comforting. And don’t forget about the coffee shop drinks…spiced pumpkin lattè!? Lush! No frittering about with suncream, no praying for hot days and being disappointed by having to get the raincoats out. It’s just a given that you’ll need a jacket now.

I like the lack of fucks given about the weather. We have just had a crappy summer and every second convo was about the rain or lack of sun. Now it’s over. People accept that come October the weather will be grimm. Every sunny day is met by excitement and haste to get out. Even breezy days are fun with the kids going wild like cats chasing he fallen leaves.


I like the dark nights too. Shutting the curtains and putting the candles on at 5pm makes the house feel cosy. Also makes getting the young ‘uns to bed soooo much easier!

My jumper collection is vast and as for winter boots – check! Infact my winter wardrobe is way better than my summer one will ever be. Lumpy bits can be hidden by scarfs and major bonus points for being able to rock my woolly hats again! Bed head on the nursery run is no longer a problem!

I’m also a sucker for all the American cuture of OTT festiveness! Halloween and ‘Fall’crafts, snacks and decorations are upon us and I’m right there rolling around in it!FB_IMG_1506842430416

Pinterest starts taking over my life as I try to find never been done before autumnal crafts to do with the kids, to find THE BEST halloween outfits for the kids. Not gonna lie I love going all out and I’m not bothered who knows it! I will drive hundred of friends mad with my posts on ghost cupcakes and fancy dress costumes when they are happy enough with a Tesco vampire costume and a pack of Mr Kipling fiendish slices! Nowt wrong with that!


So watch this space and please don’t get too mad if I post yet ANOTHER picture of me drinking hot chocolate in my bobble hat, making creepy cupcakes or insta worthy shots of my terrors playing in golden leaves. It’s nice to put a rose tinted spin on it all… otherwise we’d really be sitting looking at the drizzly days bored out our tree, hating getting up in the dark and wondering when we should start christmas shopping and wether our bank balances can cope again this year!

Are you a lover of all things Auntumnal? Or do you pine for the summer and the light nights?

2017-10-01 21.08.57

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