Mini Chocolate Rolls


Ready, Set, Bake!

So the Great British Bake Off is back! Splitting the nation with Mary Berry followers on one side and Paul Holywood lovers on the other. My love of all things baking meant I had it scheduled in my diary since it was announced! I wasn’t sure what the new series was going to be like but having kept the format the same the link was seamless. The judges aren’t in it all that much anyway. It is rubbish with the adverts but in this day and age it’s easy to record and fast forward! There is now not that annoyimg history lesson bit incuded too that always seemed a bit pointless. The presenters were much better than I expected… I seem to have spot spot for Noel already!  Looks like we have some incredible bakers this season and after their illusion bakes I can’t wait to see what tbe come up with next.
What I would find hilarious is if there was a spin off show with Mary, Mel and Sue just sitting drinking wine and commentating on the new show! Now that would be a guaranteed ratings success!

So on to the challenge. Each week I will attempt to make one of the bakes. This week I tried my hand at the mini chocolate rolls. They look so blooming simple but like everything else in my house they made lot of mess and turned into a bit of a faff! I will definitely be sticking to the Cadburys chocolate logs you get in the shops in future!
I’m not a big lover of mint so made a peanut butter filling for my mini rolls! My snickers mini rolls haven’t lasted long!

Pams Peanut Butter Chocolate Rolls
4 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1/3 cup plain flour
1/4 cup cocoa
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp peanut butter
Splash milk
1 cup icing sugar
100g milk choc
50g white choc


Oven 200°c
• Put eggs and sugar in a bowl over a pan of hot water and mix until more than doubled in volume.
• Seive in the flour and cocoa and fold through gently.
• Line a swiss roll tin with parchment and pour in the mix, spread it out to all the edges.
• Bake for 6min.
While in the oven put a peice of baking parchment on the worktop and scatter it in sugar.

When the cake is ready turn it out onto the parchment and roll up both short sides into the middle.
Leave to cool.

• To make buttercream blend butter, peanut butter, milk and icing sugar.
• Spread onto the unrolled sponge the roll back up.
• Slice down the middle the slice each roll into three to give you 6 equal rolls. Place on a cooling rack
• Melt the milk choc in the micro then pour over the rolls.
• Melt white choc and place in piping bag. Pipe stripes over the roll.
And voila! Eat and be merry!


What will next week bring!!


So after I made the first batch I realised my sponge wasn’t the bounciest so I made a second batch. Realised I needed to whisk the eggs for much longer and fold in more gently.  But I had run out of butter so I whipped up double cream and chopped strawberries and just made a big swiss roll – I’ve eaten half already! Yum!

2017-08-30 14.16.26

Let me know what you all thought of the new series and if you will be attempting any of the bakes!! Xx


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