Love of books
A love of books beginning

Bookabees is a Book Subscription Club especially for children. They offer 3 levels of subscription – 1 book for £4.99 per month, 3 books for £8.99 per month or 5 books for £10.99 per month. The premise is that of a lending library. You can hold on to the books for up to two months and then either return the books for free using the pre-paid box, purchase the books for 50% of the rrp, or return the books (as they will have possibly been read by others) and ask for fresh new ones to purchase for 30% of the rrp. All delivery costs are included in your subscription.

The boxes can be customised which makes it one of the more attractive subscription clubs out there. Once you’ve logged in you will see the wide selection of books available and can place them in your ‘queue’ so you know which ones are coming up next. If you don’t want to or have time to do this then books are chosen by the Bookabees team based on questions you answer about your child. Meaning that you can be as involved as you like.

Special delivery

The books come in a really cool personalised box with your childs name on, and include some fun extras like stickers and bookmarks.
The subscription is 100% adapatable and you can change the number of books you are receiving or even cancel at any time.

The books we received were brilliant and the kids really enjoyed getting the package from the postman. However my main concern was wether I could justify the cost. I wouldn’t want to spend the monthly cost just to ‘hire’ books. If I wanted to do that I would use the local library. My eldest wouldn’t want to return them either as he loves his books. Also the kids can be pretty rough on books so they might not be in any condition to return!

Great selection

I can see this being useful for busy parents or people who can’t easily get to a library. It gives you a plentiful selection of great books without having to spend money buying them all. It could also stop the bookcase getting overloaded which is definitely a problem most parents face. You also want new stories to read, to refresh your selection, but couldn’t possibly afford to keep buying new all the time.
What I liked most was the chance to select the books, making sure we got something I knew the kids would enjoy and also not anything we already had. I loved the packaging and the kids faces getting to open up the parcel. I like that the delivery in included in the subscription cost and to return it is free in a prepaid box.

What I wasn’t so sure about was the fact that at the end of the day it is still a lending facility and is only really going to be something for people with a bit of disposable income every month. For the £4.99 a month for 1 book subscription cost I could just about buy a book for the kids at the supermarket every month that they could keep.

I loved my books so much I paid to keep them. I had three books retailing at a total cost of £24.97, with my 50% discount I got the books for £12 (they round it in your favour!) So along with the £8.99 subscription cost I was still in the money in regards to the book costs! With this in mind I changed my initial impressions! If you are planning to keep the books I see it as really good value for money.
I really love reading and books are a huge part of my routine at home with the children. I have loved stories since I sat on my papas knee being read Enid Blyton at the age of 3.  I want to install that love and imagination into my own kids so will always be supportive of ways of getting books out there.


Do you have any subscription boxes? What do you think of this idea? Is it something you would consider?
You can find out more at BOOKABEES

I was given a months subscription of three books in return for an honest review.

Hannahs dress is by childrens clothing designer Joanna Cook. You can find her collection ‘DaisyBay’ over on her Facebook page DaisyBay

Pam xxx

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