Go with the Flow

8IMG_20170605_131802We all get it. Every goddam month. Theres no relief.  We have to buy the products. Pretend we aren’t living proof of the ‘hormonal’ stereotype – when some months we literally want to lounge in our pants, crying over donkey sanctuary adverts (or else getting overtly aggressive for no reason), eating our body weight in chocolate…not just me surely?!

I’ve been a lover of subscription boxes before, I’ve tried out Birchbox and My Little Box. Both beauty subscriptions that have been fun but ultimately I’m left with a drawer full of cosmetic samples I’ll never use.

Period boxes. Sound grim don’t they? There are a lot on the market at the moment but I chose to give Ms Flow a go. You select what products you use, brands and everything. Then tell them how heavy your flow is and how long it generally lasts, also what date you want to receive your box. They make up tailored boxes to suit you.

Every box comes with your sanitary supplies in lovely paper bags. Things that have been on my boxes include: scented candles, heat packs, a cream that soothes pain (which I’ve gone on to google to order as it was amazing for cramping), chocolate, bath salts, face cream, tea bags, popcorn and loads more.


My subscription costs £12.99 a month and you can choose to pay for a three month bundle , it automatically renews but can be cancelled at any time. The cost varied depending on the products you select and the quantity required. There is a discount of 15% at the moment for new customers.

I love getting gifts so for me this is the main attraction. It comes in the post in plain packaging. Inside however is a beautiful box filled with tissue paper and an array of goodies. I love getting mine. It has taken the hassle out of remembering to buy tampax and of course never running out as the boxes come well stocked. The selection of products that have been included have been really different each month keeping it fresh. I love that you get edibles and a full size beauty product in each box. The scented candle is a lovely touch – I just wish the label on it didnt say Ms Flow! Doesn’t look the nicest on the mantlepiece. That’s probably the only thing I could pick at as I genuinely like the product.

Is it something I will continue with?

Yes. For the moment I will continue my subscription, but like other boxes it may become something that I get fed up of – or find better ways to spend the money on!

Is it something I recommend?

Yes. Getting a lovely parcel filled with goodies is a great boost some days and you will find every item useful. And the fact you can cancel anytime means you aren’t tied in to expensive contracts.

Let me know what you think.

I was not paid for this post. All thoughts and opinions exressed are my own .

Find out more here

Pam xx

Naptime Natter


  1. What a good idea. I eat soo much chocolate when it’s that time of the month so you’re not alone there. I love the idea of getting treats in the post to make a shitty time feels a bit less shitty!xx #blogcrush

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