The (parenting) Oscars


The (parenting) Oscars


Best Dramatic Performance Nominees

•Toddler stropping because his sock fell off

•Toddler because the wrong tv show came on

•Baby because her breakfast wasn’t ready within 3 seconds of her deciding she was hungry

•Husband for realising he had no work clohes because he didnt unpack when he got home on friday


Best Soundtrack nominees

•Baby crying endlessly as she’s teething

•Toddler screaming because you said he had to stop pouring his cereal through the radiator to warm it up

•Cat having a fight with the neighbours cat

•Husband snoring like a freigh train


Best Picture nominees

•A lovely fresco in Crayola on my kitchen wall 🙈

•Spaghetti hoops flung against the door by raging baby

•Finger painting in poo when baby got her nappy off

•Scatter arrangement of wet towels and dirty clothes after hubby uses the bathroom


Best Actor goes to..

•Toddler boy for his incredible performance when he was told he couldn’t go in the washing machine to have a wash..he did try and get in!


Best Actress goes to..

•Baby girl for losing her shit when I try to dress her – every single day!

And as always the winner in the Best Supporting role goes to Mummy!  For her endless dedication to the role and for really immersing herself in the character.

Hope you are all ready for the new week. Happy Monday everyone!!

Pam xx

One Messy Mama

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