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Love it or hate it? Valentines Day is inspiring as much debate this year as Trump! (Without the rallies and demonstrations obvs! That would be kind of funny though; I have visions of masses of anti-love campaigners burning red roses and family sized boxes of Thorntons chocs! Spare the cuddly teddies please! 😂) Over on Twitter there are regular cries of it being another crass marketing campaign; ruining romance as we know it. Others are derided for their love all all things mush and yet others made to feel unloved if Valentines Day is a non -event in their household – be that because they have no parntner in their life or do have one but like many do  not share their need for romance! For me it is like a lot of other so called celebration days; some are important to me and some are not. So why can’t everyone accept this (like parenting or fashion choices) and stop with the hating!

Ok. I do actually get where some of the haters are coming from. No, Valentines should not be the end word when it comes to romance. If your partner is a dick all year then buying a cheap bottle of Cava does not make him the man of the year – and I really do have to hold my tongue when I see some crap where a girl instagrams the shite out of some flowers and gushes about her ‘bae'(what does that even mean?!) – we all know he’s an arse who never came home last weekend and does nothing nice for you ever, so don’t go trying to make out he is Prince Charming now..ok?!

And yes, I completely understand about the marketing, anyone who’s been for the weekly shop last weekend will have found it hard to see past the displays of flowers priced as if they were encrusted with ruby instead of glitter! Of course a lot of emphasis is placed on the materialistic which I generally don’t like. But a bit like Easter, Mothers/Fathers/Teachers(?!) Days these things are at the discretion of the individual. If you don’t want to get sucked in to it then by all means don’t. Give handmade pressies and a candlelit bath if you like. Or ignore it completely – this is also a valid choice and don’t feel bad about it. Own your decision! But please don’t get on a rant because you would secretly love to have these things but are stuck with a Mr Unromantic and are jealous of those you see having the kind of Valentines you dream of.

Personally I bloody love any excuse to celebrate love. Me and hubsters first Valentines was back in 2003 and I was only 18. I got a single red rose, the biggest heart shaped box of chocs and a teddy – to this day I still remember how this made me feel. Yes this is a sad fact to many of you, to some people stuff like this is cringe-worthy and they don’t get why anyone would like it. This gush-inspiring display was indeed a one off Valentines for a couple of youngs loves and if it happened now I would be scouring the garage to see what new bike parts he had been buying! The years after have always been celebrated but much more modestly-one year we shared a KFC bucket in our jammies! However you spend it you should be happy enough with to not feel the need to belittle others. I overheard someone tell their friend that she couldn’t believe that she wasn’t going out for the night, imagine not being wined and dined she gasped in horror. Her friend looked a bit embarassed and said they had never been out for Valentines, they always stayed in with a bottle of wine. Now I have visions of her going home pestering her husband for a romantic meal out when in most likelyhood she would have been perfectly happy with what they usually did. But like so many of us is made to re-evaluate our choices on this matter and many others based on such vehemence about what is the norm.

For us this year we will exchange cards (heads up for you there hubby; aren’t I good making sure you don’t forget! 😂) have a bottle of fizz, order a take away and enjoy a night in together. We celebrate love because we don’t get as much time as we would like to do so any more. Any excuse to have  a snuggly night is a winner in my eyes! Long gone are the days of roses and chocolates…if he’s got any sense it will be gin and tonic this year!

So what’s your perfect night?



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  1. This actually made me laugh! Especially the bit about instagramming the shit out of flowers! Chances are they weren’t even from somewhere as upmarket as Tesco but a garage forecourt!
    We don’t really do anything for Valentines day. We never really have done. We’ll put the odd soppy status up on facebook and make dinner something a bit nicer than the usual but with 2 kids eating with us it’s not exactly a romantic meal. Thanks for being the first to link up with the Spring #MBFSL

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