Rainy days


Picture the scene; kids playing really nicely having a teddy bears picnic, mum sitting having a hot cuppa and taking a few cute snaps, then baby takes some of toddler boys snack … and all hell breaks loose.

Fraser doesn’t share food!’ Screamed loudly in the style of Joey from Friends! So that was the end of my ten minutes of chill time!

We have been having a belter of a week with wrongly pronounced phrases! He says a ‘c’ instead of an ‘h’ so a  Gruffalo Hunt sounded very rude while we were walking down the street and hes telling all the old dears what we are looking for!  He’s also decided to alter Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk…it sounds like he’s singing ‘i will fuck you duck’ instead of Uptown Funk you up…endless laughs ’til he’s singing it at playgroup!

Discipline has been a major topic of conversation in our household this last week. Toddler boy has started to think about playing us off against each other and we were unprepared. We are on the same page mostly but I’m a firm believer in picking your battles. It would be an endless day if I went off the deep end every time he was a little shit! So I talk through minor things like attitude and throwing things, but anything worse gets instant removal of toys and placed on naughty step. Sometimes, yeah he has had a skelped bum if a particularly bad or repeated offense. Hubby seems to think every single things needs major action – which I’m sure according to Super Nanny and many child discipline books would be the ideal attitude to take, I suppose consistancy is what we should strive for, but it would be such a struggle every day!

Talking to some other mums about their methods the results were as I would have expected. We all do what we thinks best and change our minds depending on our moods! Lack of sleep last night? Damn straight that toddler messing about with their cereal is going to get the sharp end of your tongue! Had a great day? Well then I bet the excuses come out for any bad behaviour right? He’s teething/going through a ‘phase’/didn’t sleep well last night/has a sore tummy.  I do it all the time and wonder when there won’t be a bloody ‘phase’!! Do I think the naughty step works? Yes! Ours is the bottom step of our stairs out in the hall so he hates sitting there without his toys so it has been a blessing. But not all the time. Sometimes he will sit there for ever, he’s an obstinate little fecker when he wants to be! So like everything else in life it all comes down to the specific situation on that specific day.

I don’t think there is a perfect equation for dealing with discipline as what works one time doesn’t the next.  Things I have learnt that don’t work for us is unsubstantiated lies and un-followed through threats! Parents are the worst at telling lies to their kids. No there’s no more crisps left, no the parks shut today. But my personal worst is saying stuff like ‘I’ll phone the police’ when he’s being naughty. Not only is this stupid because I don’t want him scared of the cops, but also never works! Yet time and again I hear myself screaming it! Not following through on threats is a tricky one, Fraser lives on his One More Chances! I must say it a million times a day. Usually it works after the fiftieth time! Smacking is a weird one. On one hand sometimes a flap of his hand or bum is what he seems to need to stop him when he’s totally kicking off or doing something I want him to understand will not be tolerated and it almost always works. However… if he has hit his baby sister in the face with a hard plastic dinosaur and I pull him away and smack him telling him it’s not ok to hit,  them what am I actually teaching him?!

I told you it’s a minefield. No answers here – I hope you weren’t expecting any grand revelations!  Just musings from a mums stuck inside on a rainy thursday trying not to give in and feed them quavers for lunch!

Stay tuned as tomorrow I am attemping lots of fancy baking for a baby shower at the weekend!

I shall sign off now as the baby has just got into the cat food… FML

Pam xx

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