Can’t get no sleep


You know you are tired when…

You feed the children breakfast twice because you must have slept through the first round and only realise when you see the dirty bowls in the sink.

You find the milk in the bread cupboard and the bread in the fridge.

You try and put on two pairs of pants.

You get annoyed because your bank card isn’t working, only to realise you are trying to get money out with your national insurance card.

You take off all your clothes instead of just the bottom half when you are at the nurse for your smear test – she must have wondered why I took so long as I was struggling back into my jumper when I suddenly realised what I was doing!

You consider lying to your husband that you are working an extra nightshift and instead drive to a hotel and spend the night sleeping! (This one is definitely a keeper and came to me at a very low point yesterday…oh the bliss of a full night sleep! I am currently about three full nights down this year by my calculations!)

So I have two poorly kiddies at the moment, nothing serious just colds but the are giving their father a run in the man flu department! It has meant that I have had to keep them off nursery and they haven’t wanted anyone but me, this has meant that I had next to no sleep while working nightshifts this week.  Then on my first night off last night I was still on work time and couldn’t get to sleep even though I had been dreaming of my bed for days! Husband tries his hardest to sympathise but secretly I know he’s glad to get out the house for work in the morning!

To beat Blue Monday this week (and to celebrate getting a nice full pay for the first time in months)  I booked a last minute getaway to Crieff Hydro for a week on friday.  Can’t bloody wait!  I love getting away from the house, change of scene, nice meals and a pool is just what we all need at this time of the year..oh the fact that this hotel offers free childcare as standard had nothing to do with my decision obviously! Hahaha.

A coconut and orange cake today, bag of ornages and stray tin of coconut milk inspired this bake…oh and the need for sugary carby goodness!  I am also making a big batch of macaroni cheese for tea tonight – with chips! Screw these new year diets, I’m currently rocking the ‘I work 48 hours a week and have no time to eat properly diet’  so far it’s working for me!

Pam zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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