Why hide and seek is my new favourite game..


From peeing in a display toilet in a homeware store to taking the cat hostage in a basket and telling me he had captured a dragon, it’s been a long week.  I don’t know how the rest of you cope but my method of choice this week is hide and seek.  Toddler boy is crap at it so I can usually mange to get a good bit of peace if I’m clever! I tell him to go hide then get at least 15min before he realises I haven’t been searching gor him – or even better I hide!

I thought I was being a great crafty mum making him a whole knight costume this week, it’s his latest craze so we got some swords constructed out of rolls of wrapping paper … I didn’t think his through.  Turns out being battered by these swords actually hurts and he found this hilarious. These have now been hidden.

We have watched a LOT of Ben and Holly and Peppa Pig this week, it leads to you starting to have conspiracy theories about the producers of such shows … and possible want to write letters of grievance to them for makimg your life even harder!! Why are the characters allowed to be such utter arseholes then get away with it? I am pretty sure it’s confusing the life out of my son that Mummy Pig is so laid back about Peppa breaking things and generally being a pain in the ass, because when he does anything his mummy loses her shit! He is also convinced he can do magic and make himself invisible, watching him tiptoe across the livingroom pushing his baby sister over, scattering cushions off the couch and taking a bite out of my toast all the while giggling and whispering ‘im a fish bowl’ (im invisible)! When i told him I could see him he simply looks at me and says ‘no mummy, I’m a magic elf.’ Who can argue.


Pam x x x

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