Cheese and Bacon Scone recipe – with a side of New Years Resolution!

In the wake of all those ‘New Year, New Me’ posts, I quietly made my own goals. Nothing life changing but the ability to say no is something I am going to exercise more often.


My aim this year is to say ‘no’ more often.  No, I can’t do that for you. No, I don’t have time to do that. No, I can’t pick up that extra shift at work. No, I can’t bake that for you. No, I can’t see you today. No, I can’t make that night out. No, I don’t want another gin – well that’s rediculous, clearly, but you catch my drift! Usually, in the throw of the New Year resolution excitement I get caught up in trying to improve my life, and somehow I always think this should involve doing more.


Having spent the last few years having babies and moving houses, I have realised how quickly the years can run away. I have decided this is the year to do nothing! Live for myself, please myself for a change.  By saying ‘no’ to more things, I’m hoping this will give me more time to just live.  To have days with my family on the couch – days where I’m not so brutaly exhausted that I have to be on the couch, but am there because I want to be. So much of my time has been taken up trying to please everyone else that I often wonder late at night if I’m really happy. For the last two weeks I can safely say I have been. We have had an amazing festive time, spent with close family and friends having so much fun together that it really opened my eyes to what I can have at my fingertips if i just slow down enough to enjoy it.


In this day of FOMO and with social media a window to other peoples ‘supposedly’ amazing lives, it can be hard not to compare your own life and be left feeling lacking. But it’s important to remember that so much of what we see online is filtered. No one puts pictures up of their kids glued to YouTube videos for ages while they themselves sit scrolling through their phone or do the washing up. No one puts pictures up of themselves sitting on the stairs trying to keep it together when all they want to do is tell their other half to pull their finger out and the kids to sod off and stop rabbiting on for just a single minute. No one puts pictures up of the days where you all stay in your pjs and just do nothing but watch Netflix and eat leftovers. In short, no one puts pictures up of anything other than the good times.  So this fear that our lives are dull in comparison is silly.


So although I will still be going out, still baking most days, no doubt some weeks still taking on too much and undoubtedly have exhausted days I am going to make a definite effort to be a bit more selfish. And stop worrying that my life is not enough.


I will still be here for anyone who needs me whenever they really need me, but shall be putting myself first. No one will really suffer after all, I am not the beginning or end to anyone’s universe – other than the kids’ obviously! But putting myself first now and then will make a difference for me and if I am happier then that makes me a much more easy going mum. How many of us are guilty of believing that we have to be super woman? I certainly won’t be letting anyone down if I can help it, just being a bit more judicial with my time. After all ‘Its my life and I ain’t gonna live forever’ to quote my man Bon Jovi!


Hope you all enjoyed your festive period and the horror or returning to work wasn’t to bad! Here’s to the Happiest of New Years!


Cheese and Bacon Scones

200g SR. flour

50g softened butter

100g grated cheese

pinch salt

1tspn baking powder

90ml milk  (you can add a pinch of cayenne if you like or mustard powder for a nice kick)

2 rashers of bacon – fried, cooled and chopped up

Oven 180°c

• Rub butter into the flour. Add baking powder and salt.

• Mix in the cheese and bacon.

• Pour in 3/4 of milk to begin with and stir until forms a soft dough, add more if required. You don’t want it sticky at all so only add as much milk as you need.

• Press dough out roughly to a circle shape about 2inch thick with the palm of your hand, you don’t need a rolling pin. Cut out your prefered scone size and place on baking tray, not too close together. I use a glass tumbler to cut scone shapes – top of a wine glass will do too!  Brush with a little milk.

Bake for 12-15min.  Cool a little then spread with butter and enjoy!


What are you hoping to achieve this year? Let me know and if you make these scones then show me some pics, I love seeing your creations!


Pam xxx

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