Roll with it


Things you have to learn to roll with when living with a toddler…

If they say they want something this does not mean they will be happy when presented with said item, infact they most likely will have changed their mind and be disgusted that you didn’t anticipate this.

They will hungry…constantly. Even if they have just eaten two weetabix, toast, a yogurt and a banana before you’ve finished your cuppa they will still insist they are hungry.

They will go bat shit crazy over you cutting their toast the wrong shape/giving them the wrong spoon/wrong colour of socks.

They don’t seem to require much sleep and can function at a pretty high level on a few hours..where as you cannot.

They will be dirty, even when they haven’t been near actual dirt, or ten minutes after they have been bathed. What’s that on ur face? Why are your hands sticky? What’s that on ur top that was just clean on 5min ago?! Just how?!

They do not acknowledge that you have needs. No you may not pee in peace but god forbid you open the door while they are in the toilet and want privacy. Yes they are allowed to steal food from your plate but for the love of god don’t try to take anything from theirs!

They don’t accept the term personal space. They will crawl all over you, poking you in the belly and trying to stick things in your ears (or in the crack of your ass if you happen to be wearing low slung jeans!). But try to touch them when Paw Patrol is on and they will unleash fury!

They have no self control.  ‘Don’t touch that’ – ‘ok mummy’… turn your back and whatever it was will have been touched!

And finally they will find something to get up to that you havent even considered possible!

Once you accept this it is easier to deal with…some days!


Pam xxx

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