The sweeter side of life.


A sticky toffee pudding and a buttery caramel sauce is quite possibly one of the most comforting things you can imagine! Add a big dollop of ice cream and I’m a happy lady.  Ok so this shouldn’t be my breakfast … there are raisins in it?! Everything I’m eating at the moment is being accompanied by the phrase ‘oh it’s ok it’s Christmas!’ The festive excuse has been related to chocolate truffles, mince pies and anything with an 80% sugar content! By the big day I fully expect to resemble Santa! How do you resist all the amazing party food?

Spending a whole day snuggled up in our jammies, eating very unhealthy grub and watching fun films all day was exactly what I needed yesterday. Being back at work has been incredible.  Not many mums relish going back to a full time career but I can truthfully say I enjoy my job (don’t quote this to me after a long run of nightshifts or after a crappy shift!) I very much enjoy the chance it gives me to do something that tests my capabilities and have actual teabreaks! I enjoy the fact that on my days off I have a lot more patience with the kids and have felt less under pressure.  Speaking to some mums I see how they struggle to fit in the monday to friday jobs and I am greatful that my shift pattern allows me a lot of time with the kids too.

This week I have had to make sacrifices and admit to myself that something’s got to give.  For me, that has meant us eating a lot of ready meals and the house only having a quick once over. (My amazing dad came home with a truckload of Marks and Spencers food for us so we are eating like kings!)  I think the kids are appreciating me more (or maybe I’m being dilusional) but because it’s not a given that I’m there everyday now I’m back to work, they are happy for us to spend time just relaxing together. Sometimes you just have to kick back and take everything that life throws at you. With Christmas just around the corner it feels like we constantly jave invitations ro go plavo I have stopped all baking orders and put away my apron until after New Year.  I am going to boost Mr Kiplings sales and be a slummy mummy.  So pass me the Quality Street and that TV remote!


Pam xxx

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