Mummy memory


I am slowly realising, that every day that passes with your children means that the yesterdays become foggy, rose tinted episodes.  We seem to forget so quickly the struggles and tears and only remember the best bits – even the worst bits become funny anecdotes to bring up in remenise.  A friend was having problems getting her little one to eat by themselves, my reply was ‘Oh I’m sure Fraser was spoon feeding himself by a year old’. Another friend shoved a dummy in their sons mouth when the tantrum was about to escalate and my initail response was to think – well I certainly never gave in to my kids like that.  Thinking about it all later I am a mix of amazement and hilarity that I have any friends at all, and that I have forgotten so easily the times I would have done anything to stop my son from having a paddy – still do.  For easyness I will still feed my son (at 2 1/2) so why the hell am I on my high horse about other peoples parenting?! I have come to the conclusion that there is such a things as ‘mummy memory’.  As soon as you are past a certain stage of parenting it is erased from memory and all you are left with are fragments and judgementd.

You see, my daughter is pretty much an angel baby, so the last few months have been a breeze in regards to her. So I sometimes forget how hard the baby stage can be.  How you would do anything for a break. But concentrating hard and remembering the awful time we had with my son as a baby, he had a dummy by day 10 because he wouldnt drink 6oz bottles of milk at a week old and scream for more until he was sick-everywhere! He was given his dummy all the time to calm him down, yeah he did wean it down to nap time eventually but that was just good luck.  At a baby class he once went so beserk and wouldn’t even take his dummy. I ended up leaving the class clutching my screaming baby and running, red faced back to the car.  Yet when I see girls at other classes now in that situation I sometimes forget myself and instead of going straight over and telling them it’s ok, I sit and am glad it’s not mine! When my son was 5 months old he started getting colds and coughs so bad that they lasted until his first birthday, it became so bad that he contracted pnumonia and RSV, was airlifted to hospital and put in an induced coma.  Since then everytime he has a sniffle I turn into the most overprotective mum on the planet.  Understandable for a few months? Maybe. But here we are nearly two years later and I’m still as bad, I need to admit he’s a ruined little bugger!  But it is only when you really push yourself that you remember all these things.

My daughter is only 8 months and already I have forgotten so much, I wonder if we choose to switch it all off afterwards? But then, why do we become such judgemental monsters?! I can’t help but think it must be a coping mechanism, a way of making us keep going, to face the new challenges!

We are all dosed with a rubbish cold this week so my bake today is a ‘hot toddy’ fruitcake with honey glazed fruit topping.  Dried fruit soaked in tea, whisky and orange.  Mixed into a ginger infused cake.  The smell alone is bloody amazing but the taste is something else!!

Its friday so it will be pizza for tea, nice and easy and means no more time in the kitchen, I’m also thinking about cracking open the bottle of Prosecco thats in the fridge tonight!  Happy Friday everyone!

Pam xx


  1. I certainly think we as mums we need to do whatever we need to do to keep a little bit of sanity because let’s be honest it’s bloody hard work. I love itv when you say ‘I’m just glad it’s not mine’ because I often feel that way too. Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

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  2. Oh goodness this is the best thing I have possibly ever seen! I am a massive fan of hot toddy when I have a cold and never even thought of them in a cake! The story of your son being ill made me shudder! Bless you! An fantastic post! Thank you for linking to #stayclassymama xx

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