Team Lorimer


Hearing the words ‘didn’t do nothing mummy’ ,  shortly followed by ‘oh dear, look at all the mess..wasn’t me!’ inspires fear in my belly.  The fact he is covered in crumbs and has been in the kitchen means this cannot be good.  My tins of baking are on the floor and I am scared that I dont know exactly how much he’s managed to eat – after 10 minutes when he is on such a sugar high I deduce he’s had at least 4 mince pies and ample fudge .  He manages to get the baby manouvered onto her front and slid onto his tractor so he can scoot her around, shouting peep peep as they chase the cat.  After rescuing her, I have barely sat my bum on the toilet when I hear crying.  Thinking it’s Hannah I run through, trousers barely pulled up, to discover Fraser beside the highchair being held by the hair – Hannah appears to have kicked him in the eye and caught hold of his hair in some major payback! Takes a good hour for the rush to wear off but instead of a lovely crash and burn senario he is just hungry again and ready to go!

This week I am distressed to realise that being back at work will have no difference on the volume of housework/general stay at home stuff that I will have to get through.  I will just have less than half the time in which to get it done.  Hubby seems to think washing picks itself off the floor, washes itself and goes back in the drawer. Housework isn’t on his radar, I find it hilarious when he hastily tries to find stuff for the kids to wear in the morning – but when he looks confused as to why there are no clothes in their cupboards I remind him of the overflowing ironing pile at the top of the stairs I still have to get through.  I am hoping a bit of persistance and lack of clean pants might make him change his ways – but ultimately I just think things will stay the same and he will go commando until I get fed up and do the washing!! Being a working mum of two is defnitely a new challenge and will bring a lot of hard work and pressures. Bringing me home a massive slab of christmas cake and giving me a backrub is his compromise.  He has promised me we are a team and will get through this together – I see the next few years involving a lot of wine!

Deciding that I would do my entire christmas shopping online this year seemed like a great idea, I felt positively smug as I lay on the couch in my jammies last week ordering stuff, wondering why people would bother going out to the shops and brave the crows and the cold … until nearly every morning I have to answer the door to the postie as quick as I can as he hammers in the fashion of a rent collector, waking my baby up from her nap, I’m also back on nightshift next week so it will be me getting woken up! Also some things that I’ve had delivered look nothing like they did online, sometimes I’ve even had the wrong stuff sent through or else had emails to say they are now out of stock and won’t arrive until last minute – even though the money was taken from my account instantly! So I’m definitely not feeling so  smug now!

My body weight is increasing at an alarming rate lately, and it’s mainly down to festive cakes and bakes.  Nothing tastes better with a hot cuppa though, and a massive sugar fix is exactly what I need by 10am! But some days my five a day is mainly coming from the fruit in my mince pie!! Oh dear.


Pam xxx


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