It wasn’t me…


Blocking my toilet by unravelling three toilet rolls and putting them down the toilet – even going as far as to use the toilet brush to ram them right in so he could fit more in before flushing and flooding my bathroom (then shouting ‘need my boots to splash in puddle, mummy!’) I’m hoping not to need the toilet until my tesco delivery arrives at lunchtime.  Getting hold of my hair mousse and covering the poor cat, causing her to run amok round the house, shaking the foam everywhere then lying down and rolling on my bed to get it off!  Deciding that when I told him I wanted his porridge ‘gone’ by the time I got back from changing his sister, that this clearly meant pouring it into the cutlery drawer and shutting the door – only for me to discover this when it was getting a spoon to make tea.

I am done.

Sod it, I am going to sit in the livingroom with my cup of tea and try not to think about the fact I now have to strip the bed, clean out the cutlery drawer and bleach the bathroom. I may need cake. Is is bedtime yet?!


Pam xxx

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