Pity Party


Captains Log … Sickbug Central – Day 2

Loads of washing since yesterday morning – 5

Number of times I’ve cleaned the carpet/couch – lost count

Baths run to wash sick splattered children – 4

Clothing changes for mum – 3

Cups of tea consumed – not nearly enough!

The kids started on sunday night and it feels like I’ve been living in a spew infested nightmare!  Luckily me and hubby are ok – although he looked positively green going to work this morning so we shall see.  I have been trying my hardest to give the toddler a lot of leeway because I know how crap it is to feel so unwell. But the level of grumpyness and rediculous tantrum level is taking its toll.  He stole a yogurt out of hubbys lunchbox this morning and ate half and smeared the rest round the livingroom, half an hour later he chundered that yogurt up all over me.  I held back from saying, well it’s your own fault!  Baby has been fine since last night, touch wood. So I am trying to keep her away from the boy.  He was trying to help clean her up yesterday and while wiping her face he was sick all over her – I must admit I had to this being a low moment of my mothering career as I wished long and hard for anyone else to be here dealing with it!!!  Both kids are clingy but toddler boy is refusing to share me with his sister so I feel like I am being pulled in two.

It is freezing outside so I can only open the windows for short bursts to try and clear the fog of stench that is a horrible mix of sick and fabreeze (have to admit I fabreezed myself yesterday before hubby came in as all I could smell on me was sick even though I had washed!).

Tomorrow I am off to Glasgow for a whole day of training and Nana is babysitting – even if my train is delayed, even if the training is dire and I struggle with the whole day, I know it will be a whole 100% improvement on my situation right now!

So right now I am hiding in the kitchen, drinking tea and eating a chocolate cake I baked last night.  No eggs, no butter and with two corgettes in it, it tasted like a cross between a fudgy browny and a moist sponge but feels super healthy! Amazing.  I’m hiding because even thought they are hungry, I have to limit how much they eat today because it keeps coming back up. I’m hiding because I dont’t want to deal with more clean ups.  And I’m hiding because (and this makes me sound like a terrible mother) I can’t cope with anymore kids clinging to me!  I don’t want to be touched for the next ten minutes.

Oh and the car is in for it’s MOT today. Fabulous.


Pam xxz





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