I want to be a cat.


I hate the cold.  I have the heating cranked right up high, wearing a million jumpers, novelty slippers and a fleecy throw over my knee … and I still want to be warmer!  My cat spends the whole day sleeping on the bottom corner of my bed, because it’s right next to the radiator and the window shines the sun in on that side for ages making it toasty.  She only ventures from her wee cocoon to get food then straight back to snoozeville, kinda wish I could do that somedays. I dream of days where I have no plans and no reason to get up and be busy – unfortunately I’m crazy stupid like that and seem to always try and fill my weekend with stuff to make the most of our time off, but in reality means we all end the weekend feeling a bit knackered and wishing we had an extra day to chill!! I need a cleaner, a nanny and a cook, then perhaps I’d be happy – but most likely not, I would complain that the cleaner wasn’t doing it right, that the nanny wasn’t watching the children carefully enough and that the cook wasn’t as good as me!  You see I have a bloody awful way of complaining about how things are going but not letting anyone help, it’s just a part of me and It’s something I cant see changing anytime soon!

I have had a hectic week, lot of baking, studying for going back to work and dealing with my lovely ‘angel’ baby turning into a bit of a diva – I blame the full moon this week.  She has screamed for hours on end, has been waking up at the crack of dawn and generally being restless.  The boy has actually been a breeze the last few days, with the exception of a mortifying incident involving a poor man wearing a red coat who Fraser ran up to and shook his rather rotund belly while shouting ‘ho ho ho’!  Not my finest hour! Hannah had her settling in session for nursery and I found it really bizzare to see her sitting amongst a group of other babies without me.  How can my maternity leave be over already?  Surely it is only September and my neborn isn’t ready for me to leave her? This year has gone like a rocket. I got a look of bemusement when I told someone I hadn’t started christmas shopping, but its ages away, I told her when she said she had nearly finished, under 40 days, she replied.  Holy cow that isn’t long at all, how has this massive even silently snuck up on me this year? I’ve made a list, that’s a start at least.

My big cake this week was for a very lovely little boy who is obsessed with Ninjago, I hope he loves it! We have the party this afternoon and while I can imagine nothing worse than a household full of rowdy 2, 3 and 4 years olds, the mums that are going to be there are all of the same mindset so I know the chat will be good! And we can compare our tales of woe and have a good laugh – all while eating the kids party food, seriously is there anyhing better than a tophat?


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