Pass the wine

20161002_134140Poking a man in the bum with a breadtick and shouting ‘cheeky bum’, pressing a womans nose in the lift and making a honking sound (I had tears streaming down my face trying not to laugh! Bad mummy!) calling a man with long hair a lady and a woman with a plaster cast on her arm a transformer … generally being a menace! I am genuinely amused to see what he will come out with next! Our weekend away was fun filled but manic. I’m not sure all the time taken to pack, then unpack then pack and unpack again was justified with under 48hours away. I did have fun though and ate my body weight in sweets and rubbish – it’s holidays you are allowed a free pass and donut and ice cream calories don’t count by the seaside!

With less than a fortnight until I am back working full time I’m realising that I have taken on too many cake orders – four big ones to make in the next three weeks! Eek! Got a feeling I won’t want to see another birthday cake come December. They are all party cakes and are so much fun to decorate but finding the time will mean some late nights! I just can’t say no, I find it really difficult to turn people down and have even been know to offer to do more than than originally requested when I get a good idea about a cake! Fingers crossed I manage to complete them all on time. Along with nursery settling in sessions for the baby, studying for my work exams refresher and christmas prep – nope havent bought a single pressie yet I can imagine some panic buying this year- the next few weeks are going to be mental. Where did the time go I was sure I had ages left!

Made an awesome quiche for lunch and even managed to convince the boy it was edible! I bloody love quiche and seem to always think it’s healthy if I put veg in it – but I also make it with all butter pastry and add extra cheese so that ships sailed! Got my homemade mincemeat on the go and more cakes kicking about my kitchen than you can shake a stick at!  Unfortunately this means I have made nothing for dinner so will be a ‘freezer suprise’ not much of a suprise though as there is just fish fingers, sausage casserole or soup in the freezer right now! Did a massive food shop this morning but because I went without a proper list I managd to spend the same as my yearly income yet somehow there is nothing for tea?! How is that possible! I did get a lovely scented candle, nice shampoo and some wine … ah there’s the problem! Crazy boy is currently crawling about meowing, insisting he is a cat, I discover he has been eating part of a birthday cake off the worktop and is licking his sister and hissing at me (if he shits in the litter box I will crawl in a corner and hide!) .. pass the wine!

Pam xxx


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