Sugar rush!

2016-10-31 13.42.02.jpg

Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while is a roomful of grown women eagerly watching their children eating at a party and praying they won’t eat it all so they can snaffle the leftovers! ‘Oh your done with that are you?’ As the sausage roll is snatched from the toddlers hands and demolished! Party food has come on in recent years and our playgroup Halloween party was no exception, rice crispy ‘brains’, strawberry ‘ghosts’, eyeball top hats and piggy sausage rolls were on offer this morning and the kids were in a sugar frenzy!  Not to mention the mums! There’s something about a kids party that does put everyone in a good mood though – but I was pretty devestated to be the only mum in full fancy dress at 9am, everyone else was in gorgeous gear and I had my face smeared in white facepaint that even two hours later amd endless scrubbing has left me with a ghostly hue (it won’t deter me though and by next year Fraser will most likely be mortified by me!) So the girls and I made a huge effort with the party but we have discovered that party games are truly wasted on the under 5’s and actually end up being pretty cruel!  Musical statues resulted in twenty kids running riot so loudly no one could hear the music, trying to put a blindfold on a two year old for pin the spider on the web was like trying to put a cat in a bath and pass the parcel is beyond most two year olds, they don’t enjoy the concept of giving presents just yet! So we ended up being very crappy and giving everyone presents so we didn’t have a mass breakdown on our hands!

We have our pumpkins carved, the house decorated and the sweeties bought ready for our Trick or Treaters tonight.  Last year we ran out of stuff to give out and had to resort to giving them Kit-Kats, packs of Quavers and fruit! I am a bit of a a bouncer on the door, I expect a joke or at least a properly cute outfit and will not be giving anything to the 15 year olds that chance it or the cheeky little buggers that stand with their hands out before you’ve even opened the door.  Last year I couldn’t believe it when I held out the bowl of sweets to a group of kids and a few of them dug around and then asked if I had anything better! I was absolutely gobsmacked!  When we used to go round you were only allowed to go to houses of people you knew – which back then was everyone in our estate.  Was always good to go to your friends’ grannys because they made the best tablet and toffee apples! Hubster is not a big lover of people coming to the door and never answers if he can help it – he will stand guard over the goodies though as he continually lives in hope there will be some left for him.

I’m at the beginning of a particularly nasty sugar crash after gorging on leftover cake. I think the answer might be to go and get more cake…what can be wrong with that solution?! Both kids are sleeping soundly after suffering the same fate after all the snacks this morning, for once I don’t mind all the sugary food it’s only for one day – and a sugar induced cake coma means I get at least an hour to chill and catch up on Made In Chelsea with more cake…#winning


Pam xxx

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