Sentimental Sunday

2016-10-23 09.15.08.png

When was the last time you gave your mum a massive, squeezy cuddle? Or just spent a bit of time with your parents; passing the time of day and not just fitting them in for half an hour before rushing to get on with your life? Last week I had my mum round for a night of wine and chat-mainly about the kids I grant you! But was nice to see her without it being for her babysitting services! This week I have been spending a lot of time thinking about how quickly time is going by and how things can change and never be the same again.  While we were in Portugal my daughter has learnt to stand up – not unaided, just when ur holding her hand she will push up into her feet and stand here wobbling about with the bigget cheeser on her wee face.  Already she doesn’t want to sit cuddled in as often she wants to be on the go.  How much longer before she is running about with her brother and is no longer my chubby cheeked cherub who i smother in kisses?  Last night I got fed up when my son asked for one more story at bedtime-I had read him three.  Then when he called downstairs for me and I went up he just wanted me to tuck him in and cuddle him again.  I get frustrated because by 7pm I want to be on the couch watching telly, I feel it is my time.  But I started thinking – what the hell will I do when he no longer wants stories?  And when he is old enough to tuck himself in and no longer wants cuddled?  I have a lifetime of nights watching telly ahead of me but only a few short years to hold my two wee babes. 

How to balance this though.  It’s all good and well having these lovely thoughts but when the kids are stressing you out and you just need a break it’s hard to remember that sentimentality!  With the best will in the world your patience dissipates when faced with a grumpy toddler or screaming baby.  Why is it that toddlers just want to fight sleep? They become moody and irritable, you know they are tired, they know they are tired, but they put up such a bloody fight! It’s got to be one of lifes biggest mysteries, because when you are all grown up all you pray for is sleep, somedays I’m pretty sure I would gladly sell my sould for a solid 8 hour sleep!

So Halloween is upon us.

Me: So what do u want to dress up as for your halloween party next week?

Fraser: Tractor.

Me: That would be lovely but it’s meant to be scary.

Fraser: A black tractor.

Ok then!  I’m a big lover of all the big occassions, love decorating the house and getting into the spirit of things so Halloween is definitely up there with one of my favourite times of the year.  Bring on the toffee apples, cinder toffee, cobwebs and dressing up small children in rediculous outfits! Tremendous! My husband is quietly hiding in his man cave waiting for it all to blow over! I keep telling him to be greatful it keeps me occupied from going into crazy christmas mode too early!

My favourite points of this week.

• Fraser wearing a scream mask in the supermarket and shouting ‘Boo!’ at everyone he went past (I put it on him and he played ball and made the weekly shop so much more fun!)

• Picking out a cow, shark,elephant and The Hulk from my fish tank after Fraser decided they wanted to swim (oh wait that wasnt so much fun!)

• Fraser shouting ‘stinker!’ at a lady who didn’t say hello back to him in the checkout queue (her face was a picture and I couldnt even reprimand him for laughing!)

• Eating my body weight in french fancies and pastry treats after being gripped by bake off fever!

• Hannah giving the cat a heart attack after grabbing her on the way past-the cat forgot she could move now!

• Starting a new series and getting gripped-Narcos on Netflix is tremendous.

This week I also made an appearance in my local paper!  They did a piece on me for National Baking Week and it was fab!  Great to share my story and hopefully inspire folk to get stuck in in the kitchen-although many will just have read it and thought ‘is she off her nut?’

Pam xxx

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