Tea and Scones


‘Muuuuuuum boogie’ Jumping around the kitchen like a loon playing musical statues with my son and the hubster, this was a very nice way to spend a tuesday morning! I had just made some scones because we had nothing else in the house to eat after getting home late last night and an excuse to eat tasty food and pretend we are still on holiday is a bonus! A nice cuppa and some scones for brekkie, even if Fraser did just pluck out the sultanas and crumble the rest up, even if after I had made them we realised we had no jam, even if they didn’t taste as good as I expected – still it felt good! What a different pace life takes when my husband has the day off – fair enough I still end up doing what I would usually be doing except with more to tidy up! Everything feels more relaxed and we have much more fun.  I definitely feel a lot less wound up about what needs done and we have a lot more fun when I am not the main man in charge!  It is a big luxury when I hear my son shout ‘poo coming out!’ that I can just look towards my husband and know I have a one in three chance of evading this one (rock/paper/scissors is our decision making process!). Now that he is toilet trained he likes privacy in the bathroom, but likes you to stand outside the door and chat to him then view what he has produced!  Needless to say I win and get to hear Ross try to find some enthusiasm for what Fraser tells him is a ‘weely huge poo daddy, it’s everywhere!’

Hubby being off also has it’s downside.  I am a neat freak and have quite a tied down routine to my days, this is thrown to the wind when hubby is at home!  I try not to nag but its like the tide; I can’t hold it back! ‘You’ve put the wrong load of washing on’ ‘Why have you left that there?’ ‘That isn’t where that goes!’ Oh yeah I must be the biggest dragon around when I start.  In my head I know he is trying to help and I should just be bloody greatful that he does make such an effort round the house … however that never seems to stop me!

Whatever the kids throw at me for the next few days I know I will deal well with because I have missed them so much, I can’t stop kissing them …  But I have just spent 6 full days with Ross – so he can’t do anything right today!


Pam xxx

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