Live from Lisbon!


Day three of off duty mummy and … I want my babies! Seeing other people with their kids has made me teary eyed.  The large majority of our conversations have included ‘wouldn’t Fraser have loved this’ Don’t get me wrong we have also looked on at people trying to deal with tantruming toddlers and screaming babies and sighed inwardly, relieved we are not having to do the same! Lisbon is a beautiful city but I don’t think I would recommend it for families, it is so busy and pretty tricky to navigate.  For a couple though it is bloody amazing.  We have eaten some incredible food, drank a lot of wine and seen some beautiful sights. What I have been most astonished by is the drink culture.  You can buy beer from everywhere and just crack it open and wonder about the streets drinking.  People can be seen swigging beers or massive cups of mojito (which are incredible but after having two the first night in the city I suffered severe memory loss and woke up the next day to be told I had turned into a crazy drunk, dancing around like a loon then arguing with the hubby!) all around the city.  Little cafès beside playparks selling ice cream also have beer taps!  I can imagine swigging from a can of tennants while munching on a cornetto while ur kids played nearby would be severly frowned upon in the uk!

The dream of being away from the children was definitely better in my head than in reality though. I enjoy sleeping without any worries and waking up refreshed but I miss their smiley faces and snuggles when they get up.  I enjoy eating my dinner in peace but I miss my sons enjoyment over food.  I have loved visiting beautiful locations but all I can think about is how excited my son would be to see some of them too! I feel guilty for enjoying myself as if I am a terrible mother for leaving both kids for so long.  I feel guilty for missing the kids to the point that I am making my hubby feel bad that I am so sad.

Today we have our friends’ wedding.  I am so excited to be getting properly glammed up for a whole day out.  It is set in a vineyard and should be a feast of Portuguese food and wine.  We have the whole of tomorrow to recover before flying home on Monday.  I am going to try my best to enjoy the time we have left in Lisbon, for I know just 24hours after we get home I will be craving this time away again!

Love from Lisbon

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