Soft play? I’d rather feed myself to a hungry bear!

20161011_090047Getting an invite to a soft play birthday party gives me the same feeling in the pit of my stomach as going to the dentist.  Slightly nervous and sick!  Now I love seeing Fraser interacting with the kids he has made friends with and I also like all the local mums, so off I went this morning full of apprehension with a hyper toddler and teething baby in tow.  The mum organising the party is really nice and had invited a good mix of kids, and it was great catching up with some mums I hadn’t seen for ages.  I started to relax a bit…this was my downfall.  My son ran off into the soft play and my baby daughter was resting in her pram so I went for a coffee-the fire alarm goes off.  Everyone started trying to locate their kids then the alarm is shut off and someone says it’s just a fire door that has been activated, I still hadn’t found my son.  Another mum ran up and said she thought Fraser had got out.  Right enough at that minute I saw my son run by the window; chased by multiple members of staff!  I wanted the ground to swallow me up. I felt faint.  My darling baby girl had been disturbed by the alarm and was full stress mode. I want to cry.  I was sweating so much I was really glad I was wearing a patterned jumper!  After a stern talking to about staying inside my son is playing again, I turned to put the baby in her buggy and when I turned back round I found him missing again.  He had managed to sneak out the entrance with someone and they were bringing him back in the door.

I am one of ‘those’ mums.  The ones I hate who look like they can’t control their children.  I wish he woud just be like all the other kids playing nicely.  He comes in and laughs saying ‘can’t catch me mummy!’  Your right dude, I cant!  I get down and explain how worried mummy was and how you mustn’t run away-he looks up and says ‘ok mummy’, so sincerely I am at a loss as to where to go from there-I know it will happen again! I want to give up but we stay for the party lunch and leave when the party is over.  I am so glad to get back to the car without having a breakdown!  I send all my thanks to all the other mums who helped me out!! Much appreciated!

So in less than 24 hours me and the hubster are jetting off to Portugal to attend a friends wedding … alone … without the children … for 5 nights!!! I am a complete mixture of excited and terrified.  I’m actually more than excited, I can’t actually wait to have a few days in the sun as ‘Pam’ and not ‘muuuuuuum’ as I have been known lately.  But i know as soon as we are away I will miss those two gorgeous wee faces!  Snot, sick and all! Things im looking forward to:

-Wearing something that does not hav a snail trail of snot, globules of sick or jammy handprints all over it!

-waking up…not being woken up

-showering/peeing alone


-not constantly having one ear listenening out for signs of injury/carnage from the children

-having a few drinks and not worryimg about the hangover


-shopping without saying ‘yes we are nearly done’ ‘stop touching that’ ‘no you cant have that’ ‘put your willy away!'(unless hubby really misbehaves!)

-eating my dinner without cutting up someone elses first or feeding the baby!

-hot tea

-did i mention sleep!


Things im worrying about:

-not being there when my babies are crying for their mum

-anything happening to them when I’m not there

-anything happening to us and not coming back (morbid i know!)

-not getting cuddles from my babies for 6 whole days

-not being there when my babies need their mum.


The only reason we are able to do this at all is because of my mum.  Her and my dad are moving into our house so the kids aren’t uprooted, mum has taken time off work and has been spending extra time with the kids to learn their routines.  I wouldn’t feel this confident leaving them with anyone else i know she gives the best cuddles when you need one and will look after the kids just as good as me!

So I’m signing off for a few days as I will have no bakes or babies to write about-I could always start a new blog … sleep and sangria!  Hahaha


Pam xxx

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