Top trumps


All mums think they have it the worst.  In fact it’s only when you hear other stories of catastrophe that you can shake your head and go ‘well at least he’s never done that!’  We love to play the parenting version of Top Trumps.

A friend was recently telling everyone about her son walking past a scary looking group of women who were smoking and he pipes up ‘ladies smell agusting (disgusting)’  needless to say she had to scamper quickly! The next friend says ‘well we were out recently and my son saw a man on a mobility scooter and he started pointing and shouting ‘robot!’ at the poor guy! Everyone has these incidents they are desperate to share because as horrifying as they are at the time, when you look back you find yourself laughing about it! The toilet training has continued and I have found it absolutely hilarious at the top trumping of potty stories!  I am equally entertained and horrified!  I have had pictures of enormous turds sent to me with the caption ‘have just found this behind the couch!’ Or my all time favourite was a friend who sent a picture of her daughters enormous poo in the potty with her fist next to it for reference just to really show her incredulity at the size of said matter!  We become bloody obsessed with bodily functions in a slightly crazed way. You will read on facebook boasts of how well toilet training is going with pictures of smiling tots and congratulations from everyone.  Upon meeting these mums, they look like they have witnessed armaggedon, they tell you about an incident involving pee/poo in a manner of unlikely locations and a mountain of washing shitty underwear! We are all in the same boat. I am the worst for telling the world when things are going well, then wanting to hang my head in shame when the proverbial shit hits the fan! My contribution this week… after we had been shopping and heading back to the car, Fraser shouts ‘pee coming out!’, this generally gives me a few minutes before he needs to go so I said to him to give me a second to put the baby in the car-I turn around and he has his trousers round his ankles peeing up against the neighbouring cars tyre!  Wouldn’t have been so bad if he wasn’t waving it about like a hose-or if the car wasn’t occupied and the poor driver was staring on in horror!

My placid little gem of a baby has turned into a red faced, stroppy diva of a child this week! I have just nodded my head as people have looked on in envy over the last few months as she lay quite contentedly wherever we took her..those incredible days may be over!  She is having hissy fits of epic proportions, waking at ungodly hours of the morning, then giving me a gorgeous smile that makes me find it hard to remember the raging gremlin that rests inside her!!

No baking today as I have an incredible amount of cake to get through from my baking frenzy on thursday!  Even for me I know when enough is enough-we have run out of containers to store cake in and nobody wants anymore cake I literally can’t give it away!

I am currently hiding on the stairs as I hear Fraser outside keeping his daddy occupied (this involves him removing everything from the garage and hiding bits all over the place while daddy frantically tries to find all the expensive bike parts!  All while trying to stop boy wonder from watering the garden with his new found hose!!)  The gremlin is beginning to wake from her morning nap so I must dash I can only hide away for so long!

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Pam xxx


  1. I’ll take some cake! Too bad it’s impossible to send cake through email.

    I’m not looking forward to potty training. But at least I’ll have some of my own stories to tell. Silver linings right? #StayClassyMama

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  2. Hahah at least he warned you before peeing out in the open, and he pulled his pants down! Go little dude haha. This really made me laugh. But to be honest I’m not looking forward to the whole potty training thing and it’s soooooonn aaahhh. Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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