Recipe for disaster


Trying to explain to a toddler why they cant eat a cornetto for breakfast is tricky.

‘Ice lolly mummy?’

‘No we don’t have ice lollies for brekkie babe.’


‘Because they’re cold.’

‘Milk is cold.’

Boom.  I bow down to his logic!  When I put him to bed last night we were chatting about the things we would get up to the next day, in a bad move I suggested (suggested is probably too nice a word for the threat that was encased in this convo) that if he went to sleep quickly we would have ice lollies the next day.  I forget he has the memory of a bloody elephant!  He awoke at 6am shouting ‘Ice lolly now mummy!’ The constant whining for an ice lolly at 6am nearly had me giving in, to be honest by 7am I was beginning to question myself as to why we couldn’t just eat cornettos for brekkie!

This morning was a great improvement on yesterday, which saw me standing in tears outside his nursery.  The horrible clingy phase is upon us which has resulted in him grasping onto me like a lifebuoy.  He screams and cries at drop off as if I am leaving him to the mercy of lions instead of at a really good daycare that hes been attending for almost two years.  Thankfully the girls who work there are incredible and make it so much easier.  We have a day of fun planned today , with a trip to the toyshop to get a treat with the pennies he has been saving while toilet training, everytime he had a pee in the toilet he got 20p -a poo was 50p, so since we started we have had no accidents, my feeling is this is because he’s going to be a bloody Scrooge like his dad! So after two weeks I feel like we can stop the monetary reward system and this morning I offered him a sticker instead.  He looked at it, said thank you then held out his hand and enquired as to the whereabout of his pennies! We may have to ease him away from it gently before I am skint!

This week has involed lots of fun baking.  A fruity tea loaf on monday drew a lovely crowd at playgroup! I have discovered there’s not much more a frazzled mummy needs on a monday morning than a dusty church hall full of other mums all feeling the same, sharing a hot cuppa and a piece of cake.  The massive sugar rush from some cake helps us put up with the crazy toddlers running riot round about us! I have also been baking for a local newspaper article on National Baking Week-watch this space for me doing my best Nigella in the kitchen!

I was lucky enough to inherit a load of cookbooks from my mother in law and also my husbands gran.  After sorting through them I found envelopes filled with years worth of scribbled recipes and newspaper cutouts going back to the 40’s.  I can’t help but feel a bit nostaligic in the face of all this history and wonder if in 50 years time, Fraser or Hannahs children will be sitting on a floor surrounded by these same recipes along with all the ones I have added.  It’s pretty well known how much of a technophobe I can be-I still have an old school CD player I don’t have any music on my phone and have never owned an ipod.  So this week I have been thinking about how big an impact the internet has had on the old school recipe book.  We don’t really need to buy one anymore or even get them out-my own are gathering dust because it has become habit to google recipes.  A google search for a recipe can throw you up a million different chefs websites and even come with videos on how to do things.  As handy and useful as this is, I can’t help but feel sad for those neglected recipes lying in cupboards all over the country.  A bit sentimental maybe!  Amongst the recipes I found a really old BeRo book, this totally took me back to afternoon baking with my Nan, some of my best days were spent making jam tarts and apple pies, I try as often as possible to involve the kids in the kitchen.  I want them to gain a love for cooking and be confident to get stuck in.  I love freestyling with my baking, I have made so many alterations to my favourite bakes that I am now proud of my own collection of recipes.  I got a new book and have been writing them all out properly instead of on scraps of paper.  I bloody love new stationary! I’m also going to include them all on a page of my blog when I get the chance so they will be there for everyone to have a go at.

I’m off to hide my purse before boy wonder goes for another toilet break, m sure he’s drinking extra juice in efforts to save for another tractor!

Pam xxx

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