Things I’ve learnt today…

20161004_145307It feels like every day someone tries to show me that as much as I think I know, there will always be things to learn.

So today I have learnt that..

  1. Going for a haircut is always better in expectation than reality.  I daydream about sitting in a salon, drinking coffee, reading a magazine and relaxing while some super stylist gives me a hollywood makeover.  The reality is that I am horrified by how I look in the black overall they put me in; so spend most of my time deciding I need to lose my double chin, pluck my eyebrows and learn how to contour my make up!  I stress about the colour not suiting me and the cut being a disaster.  So the whole experience leaves me feeling more stressed than chilled.
  2. Scones will forever be baked better by someone else.  Mine are fine but never taste like the delicious airy ones my nan makes or the rich buttery ones from the local bakery. I baked some treacles scones this morning and they were average at bet, I still managed to scoff a few (be rude no to!) but they are out of my skill set, yet I will continue my quest to make the perfect scone!
  3. I couldn’t live without my mum-ok I didn’t just learn this today!  But the help she gives me by just being there everyday is incredible.  I cant imagine her not being the first person I call when I need someone.  She tells me when I’m being neurotic, she is my biggest supporter, she gives me a cuddle even when I don’t even know I need one and she loves my children as much as me (if not more!). O honestly wouldn’t be living life the way I do without her-she had the kids while I had my hair done this morning and had even given them lunch before I got home!
  4. Arts and crafts with children is hilarious and fun, but I forget how long it takes to wash up…especially if you use the wrong paint and turn your back for a moment!!  I pulled out some paint and we had great fun doing footprints and letting Fraser loose with the paintbrush-until I tried to wash it off and discovered that this poster paint had stained his legs and belly, my kitchen floor and everything it had touched! Can’t get it off the highchair legs, floor or bath panel!  House seriously looked like a set for psycho with the red paint over the kitchen!
  5. Toilet training even when going well is hard work.  I was having the toilet this morning my son bangs in and starts shouting ‘poo coming out!’  The stress of having to get off the toilet to get him on in the 2 min he can manage to hold on isn’t the best start to the day!  We have had no accidents for the last week other than at nursery, he’s doing great but I honestly can’t handle the fact I have to get this excited about peeing!!! He better be nice to me when I’m older!

Pam xxxx

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