A note to ‘Tired Pam’…


A note to ‘Tired Pam’…

Even though you may feel like your eyeballs will fall out if you don’t get some more sleep, don’t under any circumstances, shut your eyes when you are alone with the children.  You will drift off and awaken only 2 minutes later feeling like you have the worst hangover ever.  Your newly mobile baby will have rolled out of sight giving you a mild coronary until you set eyes on them.  Your toddler will have sensed the opportunity for mishief and will have  almost certainly emptied the bin/drawn on the walls/put someting down the toilet! Don’t stress about housework-the house is fine and you sitting down instead of hoovering will not bring about the team from compulsive cleaners to do a stunt about filthy homes! Try not to go full on Cruella DeVille on the children when they do things they normally do that is only mildly annoying-they don’t understand that you feel like a walking zombie and just need them to STOP TOUCHING STUFF! Also, try very hard not to lose your shit with your husband for trying to help.  You will have asked for his help (he won’t be able to do anything right in your eyes today, so even though you feel like crap, try to remember that he isn’t annoying you on purpose). A walk will seem like an impossible feat but once you get out in the fresh air you really will feel better. And finally remember that ‘Well Rested Pam’ can be an annoying cow. ‘Well Rested Pam’has great visions of cooking nutritious meals and having the patience of a saint to sit and play educational games with the children-forget about her and focus on getting through until bedtime by any means possible!   If that involves staying in your jammies, feeding them endless cheesy puffs and putting on repeats of Paw Patrol then so be it. (Also a good scrub down with a baby wipe is a very acceptable method of cleaning the children for one night when you cant face a full on bathtime!).

Yours sincerely

Well rested Pam  xx

Hope you have all had lovely weekends, ours has been very full of doing borng stuff that ‘needs’ to be done like shopping and never ending house DIY.  Got a pretty chilled diary for this week though so it’s a nice relaxed sunday evening here. I hope to get my recipe page all set up soon too with lots of pics and easy to follow recipes so keep your eyes peeled.


Lots of Love Pam xxx




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