Super Saturday!


I have in the corner of my mind, visions of these epic family days out.   Days where everyone is smiling and there is lots of laughter.  We are out for the whole day visiting exciting places, eating ice cream and getting home just in time to throw the kids into bed still covered in sand and ice cream sauce.  Hubby opens a bottle of amazing wine and we order a take out and watch a brilliant film…hahahaha!  These days are almost like total eclipses -they happen once every hundred years!

Now today has been a perfect example of what has become of my Saturdays.  Hubby offers to watch kids while I have time out to go and do the shopping – is he on drugs?!  Wow a whole couple of hours to myself glorying in the joy that is Tesco on a Saturday morning.  Trying to remember all the stuff we need to get through a week in our household – don’t forget the potato waffles of dinnertime with the toddler could get ugly!  So no, I politely declined this offer and forced him to come with me, kids and all – In hindsight I was clearly cutting off my nose to spite my face as the utter hell of shopping is multiplied when you involve two children and a husband who has no idea what is involved in preparing dinner seven nights a week. ‘Do we really need this?’ is a frequent question uttered by himself, eh yes husband if we don’t buy that then what would you see going into your lunchbox this week?  If we don’t buy that, then in two days time you will open the fridge door and say ‘what is there to eat?’.  We don’t even go to Tesco this week, we are off to Lidl because my maternity pay has ended and until I go back to work in November we have agreed to cut the food bills. My baking habit has got out of hand lately and midweek trips to buy stuff has been costing  bomb – the ingredients for a cheesecake last week set me back £8, so I am under strict orders to cut back on my spending.  I’m pleasantly surprised by the budget shop we get everything we usually buy for half the price!  The baking supplies there were also brilliant so I won’t be missing out. One tin of chopped tomatoes launched out of the trolley, two sneaky bites of the tiger loaf by toddler and three million times I muttered  ‘FML’ under my breath!  Anyway, we survived shopping with only mild scolding of both husband and children.

We get home and husband goes off biking, some people think I’m very nice being ok with him going out most weekends but to be honest I never want to go and do much, I know I need to get off my backside and start running again and I’m sure I will one day – just as I’m sure I’ll win the lottery! But while he is gone it gives me time to tidy up and sort the house  – this alone would have offended my sense of feminism back in my early twenties but now it I see it for what it is, I am much happier when I have my stuff together, I always think I can do things better myself and if hubby does do anything I complain about how he has done it, and if the place is a tip I start getting annoyed and shout a lot.  It is surprising to me and probably anyone else that’s heard us bicker, that me and the husband rarely fall out.  It has a bit to do with me taking a deep breath and letting some things slide, it has even more to do with him laughing at me when I’m in full rant mode and telling me I need a cuddle.  So far there’s not been much that hasn’t been solved by him making me laugh – I also have to give thanks to my friends gin and tonic, everything feels better after a chat with them of an evening!

So my Super Saturdays really have become  Simple Saturdays.  Who wants to be out having fun all the time?!  I have managed to have a nice afternoon snuggling with my gorgeous wee baby girl, and fun playing with the boy.  Trying to look for the positives of a boring weekend instead of being jealous of all those friends with exciting social lives, maybe next Saturday.  Today I have also decided that Tesco home delivery is worth it’s weight in gold.  If I can get away without wasting an hour of my life in  a supermarket then I will!


Pam xxx

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