First blog post

Today started off pretty casually at 5am with the small pink one waking up-my children have always been fantastic sleepers, but rise like cockerels at the first hint of daylight!  No major drama until I realised we were toilet training my son this week and it all kicked off when he realised I hadn’t washed his favourite pants, queue me scrubbing them in the sink then running out to the garage to fire them in the tumble drier to avoid a meltdown before 6.30 in the morning!  Crisis averted we managed to get through breakfast without any hint of yesterdays trauma (it involved a 4pinter of milk, a whole pack of Weetabix and mummy nipping to the loo!)

I left the kitchen as usual and hid behind the door to watch what has become one of my favourite parts of the day, my son and the cat have formed an unlikely alliance based on the fact my son knows where the treats are kept.  The cat allows him to try and ride her, cover her in stickers and generally be a pest, because she knows that he can get her the goodies she desires.  As soon as I am out of the room he sneaks his chair over to the worktop, opens the cupboard and pulls out her pack of snacks and she jumps up and they both enjoy this little victory over mum.  I discovered something was going on when on a recent vet trip she had gained nearly a whole kilo as well as my hubby accusing me of feeding her too many treats!  I let it slide because it cracks me up!!

Today I  bake for a charity coffee morning I have on Friday, so have two chocolate cakes in the oven, its always a bit rubbish cooking for someone else but its for charity so I cant complain too much.  Son is in nursery all day so I have a ‘day off’ according to the hubster I have plenty of time to be getting on with things – so far this has meant showering, eating, doing dishes, washing and ironing, oh the joys of treating myself! Baby is teething so hasn’t liked being put down and won’t nap for longer than 10min, I have become amazing at doing things one handed!

A very laid back day in our household, the cat is looking at me and then looking at the treat cupboard as if she knows that I know that she knows that I know.  I’m off to finish these cakes, and to lick the bowl…of course there’s got to be some perks to baking!


pam xxx



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